As part of our Strategic Planning process, the Board of Trustees tasked us with initiating an annual Community Survey which we conducted in the Fall of 2016.

By conducting the survey annually, we cannot only find out how well we are serving you, but we can also see if we are doing a better job than the year before. Hopefully, the results will allow us to find areas that need improvement, and it will be our task to find ways to improve those areas of concern.

We selected an experienced outside party to conduct the survey and solicited responses from all 6,800 of our property owners. Over 800 of you responded and took the time to fill out the lengthy questionnaire. Kudos to all of you for ensuring a statistically valid response!

The main purposes of the survey were to: assess the needs and wants of the community; understand how properties are used; understand the demographic make-up of Incline Village/Crystal Bay parcel owners; and establish a statistically valid survey.

The Survey Results Presentation is located on our website