GM's Corner: “Investment In Our Community”
June 11, 2018

In a typical year, IVGID spends around two million dollars purchasing goods and services from over 50 local vendors.  A good chunk of our 16 million dollar payroll also goes to local residents.  In the past year, well over 500 of our employees resided in Incline Village/Crystal Bay.  That is nearly 60 percent of our total employee count.  In fact, assuming about 1.2 employees per household, that means that nearly one in five IV/CB occupied homes received a paycheck from IVIGD in the past year.

In addition to purchasing and payroll, IVGID expends significant resources on an annual basis reinvesting in our existing facilities, infrastructure, equipment and rolling stock. Over the next 5 years, our capital plan contemplates around $50 million in reinvestment and additions.  While much of the reinvestment goes into purchases that can't be sourced locally, many of these projects are awarded to contractors who access our local labor force and our local businesses.

No doubt, this huge capital investment will reap millions in benefits to our local workforce and our local economy.

By the way, our procurement and expenditure process is well-documented on our website.

If you'd like more information on current bidding opportunities, just go to the "Resources" section of our website.  There is an entire section on purchasing.  You can learn about current bidding opportunities.  You can get a detailed summary of all the Public Works projects in excess of $25,000 cost that IVGID has awarded the past three years.  In fact, this section not only describes the project and the winning bidder.  It gives you all the bids that were submitted for the project.

This web page also includes a link to Nevada Revised Statutes Sections 332 and 338 which describe the regulations regarding purchasing and contracting procedures for local governments.

The "Financial Transparency" section of the website includes more great information about all of IVGID's expenditures.  For example, if you were interested in seeing a detailed breakdown of every bill that we pay -- click on "Weekly Payment of Bills" on the Financial Transparency page.  After you click, you will be able to see our weekly check runs and every check issued (by week) since the beginning of 2015.

If you'd like to see a detailed summary of the 50 plus million dollars in proposed Capital Expenditures for the next five years, that is available on the Financial Transparency page as well. If you'd like to see the updated Capital Plan being proposed for 2017-18, that is included in the bounty of information included in the "Budget Section" of the Financial Transparency web page.

In fact, if you'd like a detailed breakdown of every single capital project being considered over the next five years--including a project description, project internal staff and project justification and a year by year summary of proposed expenditures—you can look at all 400 plus pages by just clicking on a link!

If you are more interested in analysis than detailed descriptions of our expenditures, our “opengov” data tool is also easily accessible from this section of the website.  This tool provides access to all of our budget information for the previous budget year, current year and next year.  Armed with this data, you can perform your own custom analysis of our revenues and expenditures for the entire district, an entire fund or just one venue.

If you just want to review any of our budget documents or annual audits, the past five years of each are also available in this section of the website.  And if you are just interested in our outstanding indebtedness, that is available as well.

We’ve added a lot of this information to the website over the past year based on requests from the community.  If there is more information you’d like to see, just let us know.  

In the meantime, we will continue to strive to not only provide great services to the community, but be a great community partner as well.