Spring Course conditions update - April 5, 2018 

With winter winding down and warm spring days ahead, our golf course maintenance teams have been extremely busy working on both of the Championship and Mountain courses. We asked Grounds Superintendent Jeff Clouthier for an update from the field:

golf snowblower

Golf course maintenance crews have been actively removing snow from the golf course greens since the storms in March ended. Average depths of snow when we started were 2-3 feet on the Championship Course and 3-4 feet on the Mountain Course. Large and small snowblowers are used to remove snow down to a depth of approximately 6-12 inches, and then shovels and black sand are used to complete the removal process. As of now, all greens on the Championship Course are completely clear, while the Mountain Course is wrapping up the snowblower work and getting the black sand treatment. We have also been spreading black mulch over most of the rest of the golf courses to enhance melting.

From what we have seen so far, the greens on both courses look really good. There is very minimal snow mold and no visible ice damage. We anticipate the same results with the rest of the areas on the courses as well. In the fall the maintenance staff completed several projects to improve the playing experience, and a full listing of the purpose of those projects will be provided in an upcoming report. We also have a full slate of projects to complete this spring in addition to preparing the courses for opening. We hope Mother Nature will cooperate with us to allow the necessary work to get done with minimal interruptions.

- Jeff Clouthier, CGCS