ashley and dog on the incline village golf course covered in snowAre you looking for inspiration for your game in the New Year? Sometimes hitting golf balls, practicing your short game and getting out to play isn’t always accessible, especially if you’re currently snowed in like the rest of us here in Tahoe! However, this may be the perfect time to take a step back, prepare and set some goals for the upcoming golf season. Ashley Wood, PGA put together these 10 tips to help you set up your season for success:

  1. Smile more on the course. Remember you are playing a game!
  2. Spruce up your bag.  Consider upgrading your equipment, and do some cleaning. Check all the pockets. It is time for out with the old and in with the new. Add some new golf balls, tees and maybe a new towel. Clean your clubs, grooves and grips.
  3. Sign up or renew your handicap. Golf is one of the most quantifiable sports and your handicap can tell your golfing story. Start measuring your progress and with the World Handicap System it makes it accessible for everyone.  
  4. Keep up with your fitness. Golf can be stressful to the body, but if you are maintaining strength, balance and mobility the healthier your game will be for years to come.
  5. Find someone introduce to the game. Bring a friend, colleague, or your grandkid with you to the driving range or help them get signed up for a golf clinic near you.
  6. Tee it forward. Next time you are on the course for a casual round consider playing from a closer tee or even the 150 yard marker and see your enjoyment and scores improve!
  7. Work on the mental game. Having too many thoughts can be a constraint on your game, so take the time to imagine your next round and picture yourself hitting good shots and bad and how you react to each. Practice breathing and imagine yourself on the first tee with all your friends watching. Picturing yourself in these situations now will better prepare you for the next round.
  8. Buy a new outfit. Look good play good. Feeling confident on the course is a crucial component to playing your best!
  9. Find a PGA or LPGA Coach. Taking a lesson can really help take your game to the next level. Many of us have had our friends tell us all the things we are doing wrong but many struggle to figure out how to do it right. YouTube videos may be helpful but getting that personalized instruction is the best thing for your game.
  10. Most importantly keep things simple, achievable and realistic. Think about what would your life look like if you committed to showing up one day at time for your goals? I truly believe one shot at a time is great advice on the course and in life. Embrace the challenges taking one step at a time. And as my doctor said “take your iron every day and live on greens,” so I guess that means PLAY more golf :)

I hope these tips help make your game more enjoyable for years to come! If you are in the Tahoe area and want to put these things in to practice this winter, come take a lesson in our indoor simulator located at the Championship Golf Course in Incline Village. We can also talk about fitness and I can give you a personalized program that you can do at the gym or at home! Looking FOREword to a happy, healthy year full of golf! ­­­

Visit the Golf Academy page for information about winter lessons or call the golf shop at 775-832-1146.


This tip was provided by Ashley Wood, PGA of the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips.