Improve Your Putting Rhythm putting clinic

Every swing in golf requires a smooth acceleration through the ball. The putting stroke is no different. To ensure the stroke is accelerating, follow this one, two, three count that will help you improve your rhythm. A decelerating stroke becomes tight, jerky and ineffective.

  1. Starting with the putter in the address position, take it back to the end of the backswing. Be careful that the size of the backswing allows an accelerating stroke. That is the one count.
  2. The putter should now accelerate through the ball to the end of the stroke. This is count two. Notice the ball has covered twice the distance in the same amount of time as the backstroke, thus we have the putter accelerating forward.
  3. Now that the putter has reached the end of the stroke, turn your eyes to follow the ball. Do not turn your body to follow the ball only your eyes. Your eyes remain down until the end of the stroke, helping the face of the putter stay square to the target. This is the third count.

You can work on this most effectively with a metronome, which you can download as an app on your phone, and start improving your putting immediately.

This tip was provided by Neil Gunn, PGA Teaching Professional at the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips. 

(2019 Golf Season)