IVGID Quarterly April 2022April edition

What's inside...

  • Welcome Message from Steven Phillips
  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort
  • Recap of Specialty Ski Clinics
  • Diamond Peak Spring Events Recap
  • Diamond Peak Video Competition Awards & Volunteer Ski Patrol Awards
  • Q&A With Jimmy Cheng
  • Incline Village Recreation Center
  • Parks & Recreation Youth Summer Camps
  • Incline Village Personal Trainers
  • Aquatics Updates
  • Senior Programs
  • Youth & Adult Sports
  • Beaches & Watercraft Information
  • Tennis & Pickleball
  • Incline Village Golf Courses
  • Public Works Update
  • Leave Only Footprints: What Are Nevada Sovereign Lands?
  • Staff Spotlight
  • Incline Village Recreation Facilities
  • IVGID's Board of Trustees
  • Incline Village/Crystal Bay Neighborhood Map
  • Heart of Incline Village/Crystal Bay

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Welcome message from Steven Philips

Well Hello Spring! You’ve come early!

The woodsy, moist smells of spring are upon us as we emerge from the darker days of winter. The beginning of Daylight Savings Time coincides with our move to warmer days and balmier nights. The Parks staff is celebrating spring by preparing our venues for our community members to enjoy.

Preparing our outdoor spaces for spring and summer is made easier with a little help from our friends. Incline Village boasts beautiful beaches and parks, and litter does not belong here! Luckily, many concerned community members spend personal time actively picking up litter alongside the dedicated Parks staff. These volunteers and IVGID’s staff pride themselves in maintaining a pristine environment for you to enjoy.

NOTE: In February, 93 man hours were spent picking up litter and dog waste. There are dog waste bags at many locations and they are checked/restocked daily. Much has been written about dog waste and water quality, so we are extremely grateful for the owners who do utilize the dog waste stations. There is a special group of volunteers committed to cleaning up this noxious stuff, and we thank them for their help.          

Another group of volunteers get a huge “Thank You” from the Parks Crew – the famous Goose Patrol! For the first time in a long while, Parks was able to hold a Goose Patrol orientation, welcoming 10 new volunteers and their dogs to the Patrol. Five additional orientations are scheduled for the spring and fall.

NOTE: Geese see our 4-legged furry friends as predators. The presence of the dogs on the beach deters geese from coming ashore. A goose can produce up to 2.5 pounds of goose-poop a day. You can help by not feeding the geese. We greatly appreciate the Patrol’s efforts in helping keep geese and their waste off our beaches.       

This season may start early, but hopefully not end early in a haze of smoke. The Caldor fire and other other fires that filled the basin with smoke in 2021 are grim reminders that “Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires.” We will do our part by increasing defensible space and opening up more of the forests to make them great hosts for outdoor recreation. With fire prevention in mind, we will remain proactive and cooperative with the North Lake Tahoe Fire Prevention District recommendations regarding barbecues and open flames. At the beaches, the Beach Hosts and Beach Ambassadors will be reminding our customers of any restrictions that may apply.

Speaking of Ambassadors… Last summer we embarked on a partnership pilot program between Parks, Beach and Recreation Staff to create the IVGID Ambassador program. The trial program engaged select IVGID employees to assist Parks staff in keeping our beaches, parks and recreation venues secure. The program has been a big success and we are doubling down on it with more Ambassadors and greater visibility. This collaboration between Parks, Rec and Beach staff truly embodies the District motto of “One District; One Team.”

The year round Parks Team is pleased to welcome back several returning seasonal employees as well as J1 workers. In these times where job vacancies are more the rule than the exception, we are honored to have these talented, steady workers return. The opportunity to exchange and share cultural knowledge and experiences is a win for all of us.

As we move into the longer, magical days of summer in Tahoe, be thankful to be here, and remember to be kind to one another. We are thrilled to do all we can to help you all get out and enjoy the freedom of our healthy, healing spaces.


Steven Phillips - Superintendent of Parks