Welcome Back to what will inevitably be another fantastic golf season at Incline Village. Before we can enjoy the perfect conditions that we will allow us to shoot the best scores of our life, we need to get back into the "golf mode".  teaching pros

As you start heading to the range to get back into the swing of things, start small.  After the heavy snow this winter you are probably as anxious as we are to get back to making full swings, but take it slow.  Before rushing over to the range stop by the short game area and spend a little time making some pitch shots.  This will allow you to get back some "feel" for you golf swing as well as help getting your body back into golf swings in a manner that will help prevent the possibility of injury.

Continue this mindset as you head to the driving range.  Start with some half swing distance wedges and move on to fuller swings as you feel your comfort with the movement increase.

We all know how great the weather is in Incline Village.  It tends to be a little chilly in the morning, and early evening.  Don't forget the wise advice of your parents and/or grandparents and "dress in layers". (Did you read that in their voice?  I know I did!) By dressing in layers you will ensure your comfort throughout the round or practice session. As well as dressing appropriately, consider playing a softer ball while the teh weather is still a little chilly.  This should help keep from your hands stinging too much on an off center hit.

As the course gets fully healed after the winter we are going to encounter some firm areas, as well as some really soft areas.  Not only do we need to be careful of the soft areas because playing out of it adds some difficulty to our shots.  But we also need to be careful not to cause damage to the course while it heals from the winter.  Playing shots out of the softer turf, you want to ensure you make contact with the ball first, and don't forget to use all the bounce possible to keep your club from digging too much.

We look forward to helping you with your golf game and club fitting.  With so many manufacturers releasing new clubs this winter you should take advantage of our Flightscope and get fit properly for clubs, ensuring a good gap and proper settings on the adjustable club heads. We look forward to having a great season and playing some truly exceptional golf with you. 

Neil Gunn & Scott Schuster