Recreation Privileges (Ordinance 7) Updates

IVGID Ordinance 7, which deals with recreation privileges (which governs Recreation Passes and Punch Cards) has recently been updated. Click here for Ordinance 7 information.

Recreation Privileges Explained

Download recreation privileges forms:

Each parcel and dwelling unit that is assessed a Recreation Facility Fee is eligible to receive a combination of IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards, totaling five, as suits their personal needs. These cards are paid for with the annual Recreation Facility Fee that is reflected on your Washoe County tax bill. IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards allow the holder to pay a reduced rate at all IVGID facilities.

A property owner may pay a fee (one-fifth of the current Recreation Facility Fee) for each additional IVGID Recreation Pass and/or Recreation Punch Card, up to a total of five additional cards (with a maximum of three additional cards of either type). Any additional purchased passes may not be used for reduced rates at IVGID golf courses. The same policy applies to those property owners who pay a reduced annual Recreation Facility Fee and who do not receive beach privileges - individuals who fall under this classification may also purchase additional passes and/or cards at one-fifth of their current Recreation Facility Fee, excluding beach access and golf privileges. 

IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards are issued at the Incline Village Parks & Recreation Department Counter (located in the Recreation Center at 980 Incline Way) during regular business hours. Use of IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards is detailed below.

For more detailed information on the Recreation Facility Fee and associated privileges please view IVGID Ordinance #7 

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Applying for an IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card

Property Owners and Family Members: For each member of the family to receive an IVGID Recreation Pass, the Owners Application for Recreation Privileges form must be completed and signed by the owner of the property. (The "Family Tree" description is on page 2 of the form.)  

Renters/Tenants: If you are renting a property in Incline Village/Crystal Bay, you must provide the following information when requesting an IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card at the Recreation Counter: 

  1. Assignment of Recreation Privileges for Renter/Tenant form (with each tenant's name) filled out and signed by the property owner or the authorized agent
  2. A copy of your current, valid lease agreement                   

It is acceptable for the above forms and documents to be mailed, emailed or faxed. Please also email a .JPG photo of each applicant with their name in the file to

IVGID Recreation Pass ivgid recreation pass graphic

  • May only be used by the person to whom it has been issued, similar to a driver’s license.
  • An IVGID Recreation Pass, formerly referred to as an IVGID Picture Pass, has a photo of the person to whom it has been issued
  • Issued for a term of six months to five years.
  • $15 replacement fee if lost or stolen.

Beach Access Parcels - An IVGID Recreation Pass with beach access offers the following privileges:

  • Free admission to Incline Beach, Ski Beach and Burnt Cedar Beach and pool area for the pass holder and guest admission for a fee.
  • Boat ramp access at Ski Beach for a fee.
  • Reduced rates for golf, ski, tennis, hunting, recreational programs and the Recreation Center, on either a daily or seasonal basis.
  • Reduced rates for rental of the Chateau at Incline Village ™, Aspen Grove Community building and park area and all athletic fields. 

No Beach Access Parcels - These are parcels for which property owners pay a reduced annual Recreation Fee and, as a result, do not receive beach access privileges. For information on beach entry as a guest, click here. A “No Beach” IVGID Recreation Pass offers the following privileges: 

  • Reduced rates for golf, ski, tennis, hunting, recreational programs and the Recreation Center, on either a daily or seasonal basis.
  • Reduced rates for rental of The Chateau at Incline Village, Aspen Grove community building and park area, and all athletic fields. 

Recreation Punch Card

  • Issued in lieu of an IVGID Recreation Pass.
  • Completely transferable: can be used by anyone who possesses it.
  • Issued as an electronic scan card with an initial stored value equal to one-fifth of the annual Recreation Facility Fee: Value is reduced with each use.
  • Must be renewed annually after June 1.
  • A Recreation Punch Card will expire the following May 31 regardless of when it is issued.
  • $15 replacement fee plus payment of any amount used if lost or stolen. Cannot be replaced if completely used.
  • Additional Recreation Punch Cards can be purchased at one-fifth of the annual Recreation Facility Fee.
  • Additional Recreation Punch Cards do not have golf privileges and some limitations apply. 

Updates for 2023-2024

Click here for 2023 Recreation Punch Card FAQ

  • Parcels without beach access will not be assessed a Facility Fee for 2023/2024
  • Parcels without beach access will not have access to Recreation Punch Cards (as the value would be $0.00).
  • For parcels without beach access, Recreation Pass holders have access to District venues (except Beaches) at discounted Recreation Pass holder rates.
  • Parcels with beach access have Punch Cards values set at $91.00 (1/5 of the $455 Beach Facility Fee) for 2023/2024.
  • Punch Cards allocated to parcels with beach access can be used at any venue consistent with Ordinance 7.

2023 Recreation Punch Card FAQ

The Recreation Punch Card can be used to pay for any of the following privileges:
  • For beach access parcels - the full cost of guest access to the beaches, pool, and daily boat launching fees.
  • For all parcels - the difference between the regular rate and IVGID Recreation Pass daily or hourly rates at the Recreation Center, Tennis Center, Diamond Peak Ski Resort, and IVGID golf courses - the IVGID Recreation Pass rate must still be paid. For example, if the regular rate for an adult lift ticket is $109 and the Recreation Pass holder rate is $25, we would deduct $84 from your Recreation Punch Card and you would only have to pay $25 via a credit card at the time of purchase. If you didn’t have $84 on your Punch Card you would have to make up the difference with another Punch Card or your credit card. The Punch Card essentially buys down the rate to the IVGID Recreation Pass rate. You or your guest will still have to pay the IVGID Recreation Pass rate ($25 in this example).    

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