Create lifelong healthy habits and improve your overall well-being with personal training. Personal training is provided by certified, trained professionals who will evaluate your individual fitness needs, design a plan of action, and motivate you to reach your fitness goals. Your personal program will include an individualized format and instruction, continuous program progression (if desired), strength and cardiovascular endurance exercises, pre- and post-operative conditioning, and proper stretching to improve flexibility.

A personal program can teach you correct form, help with recovery from injury or illness, train for a specific sport, or just get you acquainted and comfortable in the fitness room. Our trainers come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them a unique set of specialties and skills. They are certified by a nationally recognized organization and hold current CPR and first aid certifications.

TRX Suspension Personal Training & Small Group Lessons 

TRX Suspension Training builds total body strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability for people of all fitness levels. It was designed by a Navy SEAL as a “go-anywhere workout.” This set of nylon straps creates resistance from two sources: body weight and gravity. TRX training will develop a leaner more athletic body, improve your balance and flexibility, and reduce over-use injuries. 

To make an appointment with a Personal Trainer or get more information on services available, please call Sheila Leijon at (775) 832-1330.

Personal Trainers

Chris Cardador

Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer 
Chris is a graduate of California State University, Sacramento with a BS Degree in Accounting and Business Administration.  He has competed in multiple sports, played collegiate baseball, and has always had a passion for fitness and overall health.  Upon graduation Chris worked in Accounting for several years before relocating to Incline Village in 2013. He currently works in Administration for our Parks & Recreation Department.  Chris maintains a versatile workout program 7 days a week and can help assist you in any area of fitness or strength and conditioning you wish to improve.  The main goal in personal training is to help individuals better themselves and reach their goals, which is something Chris takes pride in.  Contact Chris by calling 775-420-0079.

Janice Cuadros

IFTA & ACE Certified Personal Trainer; Group & Aqua Fitness Instructor
Janice has lived in Incline Village area for years.  Prior to joining the fitness staff at the Incline Village Recreation Center, she was a medical technologist.  As a medical technologist her background was to help people after they were sick.   Now she enjoys helping people before they become ill or hospitalized. Fitness and exercise has always been a part of her everyday life and she likes helping to make it a part of other’s lives.  She invites everyone to live happier and healthier. Janice is an avid tennis player, skier, hiker and cyclist. To contact Janice call 775-720-0367

vanessadiazVanessa Diaz

Expert Rating Personal Trainer Certification 
Vanessa was born in El Salvador and relocated to Tahoe at the age of two! She graduated from Chico State with a BS degree in Computer Science and competed in Track and Field and Cross Country. She continues to compete and coach running, while expanding her fitness training repertoire. Vanessa is a certified Personal Trainer, and is currently pursuing additional certifications in  TRX  Suspension Training and Spin.  “Fitness is about so much more than exercise.  It’s a catalyst for positive changes, and it affects every aspect of your life.” To book an appointment directly with Vanessa call 916-213-9656

Robin Elley

ESA Personal Trainer, Pilates, YogaFit Levels 1,2,3, IFTA Aqua Fitness and Barre Certified Instructor 
Robin started as a fitness instructor in 2001, earning her Personal Training Certification several years later. A yoga teacher and Senior fitness instructor for many years, she incorporates a blend of core, strength training with a focus on flexibility and balance. She has extensive experience with clients of all ages, who have specific needs, including those new or returning to exercise, those rehabbing injuries and or surgeries, those with restrictive conditions, mental challenges, heart conditions, Parkinson's disease, MS, cerebral palsy, and back problems, to name a few. Her goal is to safely make strength, flexibility and balance training a fun, lifelong habit for her clients. To make an appointment with Robin call 775-722-7253. 

shane headshotShane Goddard

Expert Rating Personal Trainer Certification
Shane is a graduate of California State University, Chico with a BS Degree in Recreation Administration with an option in Community & Commercial Recreation. While at Chico, Shane played collegiate baseball and football. Upon graduation, he completed a well-rounded extensive recreation administration internship with Yuba City Parks & Recreation.  He is currently supervises the Incline Village P&R Sports operation. Shane endorses and utilizes many methods of strength & cardiovascular training including: functional body weight, circuit, free weights, cable machines, flexibility, plyometrics, interval, TRX Suspension Training and more. Shane enjoys the personal training experience and witnessing participants maintain and improve their health. To book an appointment directly with Shane call 775-220-8586

Suzy Hustedt

MA, ACE Personal Trainer, IFTA Aqua Fitness & Breathwalk Certified. Zumba Licensed and Member of Yoga Alliance with Certifications in Integral, Kundalini, Sivanadana, Anusara & Flow Yoga
Suzy has a passion for play!  Her energy, enthusiasm and creativity make all athletic and fitness endeavors fun! She feels that if there is joy in movement and activity it will naturally become an essential part of everyday living. Suzy encourages exploration and adventure in the outdoors and loves to take workouts to the beach or trail.   If you are looking for motivation and encouragement to get moving, or need strategies for committing to a workout…Suzy will motivate you to meet your goals.  She makes your workout more like play. Schedule some time with Suzy, and you are sure to feel better. To book an appointment directly with Suzy call 775-287-7393

denise headshotDenise Jezycki

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Behavior Modification, Fitness Nutrition, and Weight Loss Specialist, TRX Certified Trainer, PSIAA Certified Ski Instructor, Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 certified, and a BA in Psychology
Denise graduated from Incline High School in 1982 and has recently moved back to make Incline Village her home. While at IHS, Denise was a 3-sport varsity player and went on to college to play both Volleyball and Basketball at UOP. Being back in Incline allows her the opportunity to enjoy the many different activities that this wonderful place has to offer, such as: mountain biking, hiking, golfing, snow shoeing, swimming, yoga, lifting weights, snow skiing, water skiing, running, road biking and more. An avid golfer, Denise is completing her certification as a Golf Fitness Specialist and is looking forward to helping men and women get to the next level in the great game of golf. Denise has been assisting people on their health and fitness journey for the last 6 years. She enjoys helping individuals reach their goals who are having a difficult time doing so on their own. Denise has the ability to analyze each client’s individual situation and harmonize their training to match their lifestyle and goals. Contact Denise by calling 916-616-4772.

Kimberly Koschmann

NASM CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER, TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING CERTIFIED, ISSA: ABOUT KNEE PROBLEMS CERTIFIED, BOOT CAMP INSTRUCTOR CERTIFIED WITH SGT KEN, SCW MANIA 2017        Kimberly spent her childhood in Illinois until she moved to Colorado to attend the University of Denver. Following graduation from college in 2004, she moved to Lake Tahoe to pursue her love of snowboarding. Kim has been a grateful resident of North Lake Tahoe for the past thirteen years.  Having gone through a personal transformation of choosing a healthy life style, Kim enjoys sharing the knowledge and passion for fitness she has gained with others. Through an analysis of posture, she is able to tell what muscles are overactive, as well as underactive, allowing her to create very individualized programs suitable for any age or fitness level.  She is always continuing her fitness education and has a wide variety of exercises to keep sessions fun and fresh!  Kimberly strives to make working out gratifying for each person she trains by manipulating modules (equipment), intensities and formats creating workouts that make achieving goals enjoyable. For details and appointment scheduling, contact Kim at 530-448-3922.

march headshotMark Marelich

Expert Rating Certified Personal Trainer 
Mark is a expert rating personal trainer, plant-based nutrition certified, BS Finance & Economics. 

Peggy Patterson

Pilates Method Alliance Certified, Zumba &  IFTA Group Strength Certified Instructor
Peggy began teaching dance and group fitness classes in the late 1980's.  She also studied classical and contemporary Pilates styles in 1998, and recently completed a two-year certification for Pilates reformer program with Pilates method Alliance. Seeing people overcome boundaries and reaching health and fitness goals always inspires her to keep learning and creating different fitness styles/formats for her classes and clients. She enjoys reminding others that fitness is FUN! To book an appointment directly with Peggy call 707-494-6775

lou headshotLou Phillips

BS Health Education, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer 
Lou Phillips holds a B.S. in Health Education and is currently pursuing his MA in Public Health with an emphasis on the health and fitness of older adults. Since 1992 Lou has been certified by The American College of Sports medicine (ACSM) in health assessment and exercise prescription. He is a life-long sports participant with competitive experience in events from bodybuilding to triathlon.  He will guide you enthusiastically through and to your goals whether they are rehabilitation, performance or re-shaping. To book an appointment call 775-832-1330

Sandy Soli

AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and IFTA Aqua Fitness, Zumba & Spinning Certified Instructor
Sandy has lived most of her adult life in Incline Village. She is an avid skier, hiker and mountain biker. Sandy has a passion for life, fitness and overall fun. She loves to motivate people!!!  Her enthusiasm for fitness is infectious and attracts people to her classes and trainings. If you choose fitness and exercise as your path to a healthy life, but need some help, Sandy will assist you on your journey! She is very creative and enjoys developing and implementing new exercise and fitness programs for the Incline Village Recreation Center membership and community. To book an appointment directly with Sandy call 775-848-4618


Dana Dose

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Adult Weight Management- Commission on Dietetic Registration, Certified Diabetes Educator - National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators, Certified Health & Wellness Coach - Wellcoaches, Certified Personal Trainer - American Council On Exercise
Dana has a passion for coaching people through change to reach their healthiest self. With Dana’s help, her clients achieve their weight and chronic disease management goals, including diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and more. They also gain the skills they need to manage food sensitivities/allergies, gain strength and optimal fitness levels, plan and execute healthy menus for the entire family, navigate digestive issues, and more. Having overcome her own weight challenges in the past and being sensitive to various foods, she has both personal and professional experience with making sustainable behavior and dietary changes. Contact Dana by calling 775-832-1330. 

hill headshotJill Whisler

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and is Certified by American College of Sports Medicine
Jill’s nutrition philosophy is simple…No one “diet” fits all, but a healthy, nutritional regime is built upon whole, fresh, minimally processed foods. Nourishment is getting the right balance. Cooking, eating patterns, timing of meals, exercise, sleep, stress management…all play a role in your health! Jill creatively looks at the big picture to your health. She gets it! As a working mom of three, she knows how busy life can get, so she can help share tips to help you succeed and set you up for success! What’s her passion? Weight management, sports nutrition, heart health, food sensitivities and nutrition challenges with children. Wondering what it’s like to work with her? Why, it’s fun of course! Are you ready to sauce up your nutrition habits? Ready to try something new? Interested in learning more? Contact Jill by calling 775-832-1330.


Salvador Vargas and Denise Jezycki are available to provide an overview of all the Rec Center has to offer during a 30 minute Rec Center Orientation Tour. To learn how you can maximize your workouts and improve your health and wellness make an appointment for a free Fitness Room equipment orientation and tour of the Rec Center by calling 775-832-1330.