The Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) manages four restricted-access beaches within Incline Village, Nevada, for the use of IVGID Recreation  Pass and Recreation Punch Card holders (with beach access), and their guests. Please review the access rules & restrictions for IVGID-managed beaches below. For information on public beaches nearby check out the Tahoe Public Beaches website.

IVGID Beaches

The four IVGID-managed beaches - Burnt Cedar Beach, Incline Beach, Ski Beach, and Hermit Beach - are located on Lakeshore Drive between the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort and State Route 28. 

BURNT CEDAR BEACH: 665 Lakeshore Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451 (map)
burnt cedar toddler pool and pool with lake tahoe viewsBurnt Cedar offers an outdoor pool with a waterslide and an adjacent toddler pool, a small sandy beach with a protected swimming cove, a large grassy point with benches, a playground, multiple barbecue and group picnic areas, and a full line of paddleboard and kayak rentals. The full-service outdoor bar offers a selection of drinks with cocktail servers offering beach-side service. 

Burnt Cedar Pool is closed for the season!

View the Aquatics webpage for information on swim lessons and programming.
View the Pool & Aqua Fitness webpage for aqua fitness schedules.

INCLINE BEACH: 967 Lakeshore Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451 (map)
Incline Beach has a nice sandy beach and swimming area if you need to jump in the water to cool off. There are several picnic areas, a playground, a full line of paddleboard and kayak rentals, a snack bar, and a full-service outdoor bar that offers a selection of drinks and cocktail service during the summer months. 

SKI BEACH: 967 Lakeshore Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451 (map)
Ski Beach has a boat launching facility, picnic areas, a bocce ball court, and a volleyball court. A creek runs through Ski Beach with lush grassy areas and trees to provide leisurely shady walks. There are kayak/canoe storage rentals and an easily accessible boat ramp.

HERMIT BEACH: 967 Lakeshore Blvd, Incline Village, NV 89451 (map)
Hermit Beach is the name of the small beach on the east side of Incline Creek, next to the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe.

Beach Hours

Current Gate Hours: Dawn - Dusk

2023 Beach Admission Rates:

Type of entrancePricing
IVGID Recreation Pass HoldersFree
Adult (18+) Guest Access$16
Child (6-17) Guest Access$8
Young Child (0-5) Guest AccessFree
Daily Boat Launchingview boat launch rates

Beach Access Updates

On May 26, 2022, the IVGID Board of Trustees voted on updates to IVGID Ordinance 7 (Recreation Privileges) that affect beach access. Please click here for Ordinance 7 Information.

  • IVGID Recreation Pass holders with beach access shall be allowed access to all restricted beaches upon presentation of their active IVGID Recreation Pass;
  • Access is restricted at all times, whether the gates are staffed or not. You must carry an IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card whenever you enter the restricted beaches.
  • Recreation Punch Card holders with beach access shall be allowed access to all restricted beaches upon presentation of their active Recreation Punch Card and payment via the card. The Recreation Punch Card must have the full value of access available on the card. (Parcel owners are able to purchase up to a total of three (3) additional Recreation Punch Cards on their parcels at a cost of one-fifth (1/5) of the total applicable Facility Fee.)
  • IVGID Recreation Pass holders who are present with their guest(s) at the gate, may pay for their guest’s access by credit card (no cash) at the rates above.
  • Boat Launches at the Ski Beach Boat Ramp are available to valid IVGID Recreation Pass and Recreation Punch Card holders with beach access. Full boat launching details.

For more information or questions on IVGID Beaches and related services please call 775-832-1330. If you don't have IVGID Beach access, read the Regional Public Beaches section below for a listing of beaches that are open to the general public.

Ski Beach Live Web Cam

The Ski Beach live webcam has moved to its own page. View the Ski Beach webcam.

Incline Beach & Burnt Cedar Beach Snack Bars

Closed for the season

Beach Tiki Bars

Closed for the season

Beach Paddleboard and Kayak Rentals

Closed for the season

Maps, Picnic Areas

Beach Rules & Regulations*

  1. Access to the beaches shall be by valid IVGID Recreation Pass, Recreation Punch Card, or Daily Guest Fee (must be present with IVGID Passholder). Trespassing is prohibited at all times.
  2. Vehicle parking is allowed in designated areas only. All vehicles in violation of parking restrictions shall be subject to towing at owner’s expense. The Preferred Parking program is available for Recreation Pass Holders during peak summer. 
  3. Launches at the Ski Beach Boat Ramp are available to valid IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card holders with beach access. It is the individuals’ responsibility to know and abide by the Watercraft Launching Rules and Regulations.
  4. No smoking or vaping except in designated areas. Please check with District Staff at venues for designated areas.
  5. Glass of any kind is prohibited on all beach properties. Plastic cups are available at the beach gate.
  6. Pets are prohibited on all Incline beaches.
  7. Amplified sound devices are not permitted without prior District permission.
  8. Skateboards are prohibited on all beach properties.
  9. Swimming is allowed in the designated swim areas only.
  10. All hard shell watercraft, other than non-motorized inflatables, are prohibited in the designated swim areas. Motorized watercraft must maintain a minimum distance of 200 feet from designated swim areas.
  11. Propane grills and stoves with an on/off switch are allowed in the designated picnic areas. Personal charcoal grills and wood fires are prohibited. All fires are prohibited when a red flag warning or lake wind advisory is issued by the national weather service. This includes propane grills.
  12. All open fire is strictly prohibited.
  13. The vehicle speed limit within all District Parks and Beaches is 5 mph at all times.
  14. Any diving or jumping off rocks or boat ramp is prohibited at all times.
  15. Children 10 years and younger must be supervised by a parent or guardians at all times.
  16. Group picnic areas are available for reservation for a fee, by calling the Incline Parks and Recreation Department 775-832-1310. Must be a valid IVGID Recreation Pass holder.  
  17. The kayak/paddleboard storage racks located on Ski and Hermit Beaches are available for long-term rentals. Any boats/boards stored incorrectly on beach property will be taken to an offsite storage area and fees will apply. Subleasing of rack spots is not allowed.
  18. Commercial and drone photography is prohibited on all District Properties unless authorized by the District General Manager or designee.
  19. All beach gates and entrances will be locked from dusk until dawn. 
  20. The District, or its representatives, shall have the right to refuse access to any individual or group.
  21. The District, or its representatives, also reserves the right to remove individuals from the beaches.
  22. Should any of these rules be violated in any way, the District and its agents shall have the authority to revoke recreation privileges in accordance with the rules established by the District in Ordinance No. 7 (Recreation Pass Policy).
  23. Tents, canopies, cabanas, or other shading devices (all referred to as "pop-ups") other than an umbrella or baby tent, are allowed only on the grass areas at the beaches. Umbrellas and baby tents are allowed on the sand.
  24. Zero Tolerance Policy: Abusive behavior of staff or other customers will not be tolerated. All District rules must be adhered to. Recreation privileges MAY be suspended for any period deemed appropriate or privileges may be revoked at District’s sole discretion.

*Standard beach rules updated 4/25/2023. Subject to change

Pool Rules & Regulations*

  1. Please shower before entering the pool.
  2. Children under the age of 14 shall not use the pool without a parent or adult guardian in attendance.
  3. Children must be watched closely. Please keep non-swimming children within arm's reach when in the water.
  4. Whistle means danger, pay attention.
  5. Persons having currently active diarrhea within the previous 14 days shall not be allowed to enter the water.
  6. Swim diapers are required for all patrons who are not toilet trained.
  7. No glass permitted on the pool deck or on the beach.
  8. No running, horseplay, or dunking allowed.
  9. No diving at the shallow end of the pool.
  10. No long underwater breath holding.
  11. Floatation devices are allowed with lifeguard approval.
  12. Please do not talk to the lifeguard except for safety reasons.
  13. Food & drink are allowed in designated areas only.
  14. Proper swim attire must be worn, no cutoffs or T-shirts.
  15. No swimming or other use of the facility after dark.

*Standard pool rules updated 09/01/2022. Subject to change

Boat Launching Information

Watercraft and boat launching at the Ski Beach Boat Ramp is only available to valid IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card holders with beach access. View daily rates, rules, and information on the Watercraft and Boat Launching page

More Beach Information

IVGID Beaches Geese Patrol

Geese become a problem at our beaches when they feed on the turf, rest, stay overnight, and leave their droppings.  Find out more about Geese Patrol, Incline Village's canine-powered geese control solution. 

Off-Season Dog Policy

Dogs are only allowed on Ski Beach, to the west of the boat ramp, after the beaches close for the season (typically October 15 through April 15) and only when accompanied by an owner with beach access. We greatly appreciate your efforts to keep Ski Beach and Lake Tahoe as clean and pristine as possible. Thanks again for cleaning up after your pooch. 

Water Safety - Boating & Swimming Safety in Lake Tahoe

Whatever your sport of choice is on the lake, please educate yourself about the colder temperatures of Lake Tahoe and check the weather before you head out. The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has provided some great tips and reminders in this "Boat Smart. Swim Smart" article.

Regional Public Beaches

There are many public beaches around the Incline Village and North Lake Tahoe area that are open to visitors such as Sand Harbor, the Kings Beach Recreation Area, North Lake Tahoe Beach Center, Agatam Beach and Patton Beach. For information about these beaches, parks and activities in North Tahoe, visit the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Visitors and Convention Bureau or check out the Tahoe Public Beaches website.