February 21st, 2020 - April 17th, 2020

Reset Your Wellenss Goals With the 6-Week Total Fitness Challenge

Wellness goes far beyond being active and eating well. Endorsing the eight dimensions of wellness builds a holistic sense of fulfillment and well being that can change your life. This year's challenge will explore the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional / Mental, Spiritual, Social, Environmental, Professional, and Financial aspects of wellness. An easy online tracking platform is used to record your progress. Registration includes Kickoff and End of Challenge Party, weekly specialty workshops, lectures and classes, and upon completions, your choice of reward (Yoga Kit, Foam Rolling Kit, Wireless Earbuds, Training Band Kit, Water Wings, Jump Rope) 

Register at the Rec Center!

February 25- March 5: Early Bird Registration Fee - $40 or $35 w/IVGID Pass or Rec Member 

March 6 - March 10: $45 Registration Fee

“Fat Tuesday” Fitness Challenge Kick-off Party February 25th, 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Challenge Begins: March 1, 2020

Challenge Ends: April 12, 2020 

Celebration & Award Party Tuesday, April 17, 2020

Fitness Challenge Community Partners & Co-sponsors: Prominence Health Plan.

Special Introductory Fitness Challenge Offer: Not A Rec Center Member? Check Out The GREAT PRICE — NO EXCUSES

6 Week Rec Center Membership & Registration  $160 or $125 w/IVGID pass                   

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