April 14th, 2020


IVGID is proposing a sewer and water rate increase, with an average increase on water rates of 4.2% and sewer rates of 6.4%, for a total average utility rate increase of 5.5%; as well as amendments to its Sewer and Water Ordinances (IVGID Ordinance 2 and 4, respectively), including:

The key changes to the Sewer Ordinance #2 and Water Ordiance #4 are:
• New Sewer - Schedule of Service Charges.
• New Water - Schedule of Service Charges.
• New Fee Schedule.

Copies of the proposed ordinances are available at 893 Southwood Blvd., 1220 Sweetwater Road, and on our website at: www.yourtahoeplace.com/ivgid/resources/ivgid-ordinances

The public hearing will be held: Tuesday, April 14, 2020 not earlier than 6:00 pm and as soon thereafter as practicable at The Chateau, 955 Fairway Boulevard, Incline Village, Nevada

The 2020 Rate Study and Presentation which were presented to the BOT on February 26, 2020 are available on our website: www.yourtahoeplace.com/public-works/rates-billing/about-rates-billing.  The documents detail our rate structure and why the rate increase is being proposed. 

If you have any comments about the proposed changes to the Sewer or Water Ordinance, please contact us. You may:
Write us a letter: 893 Southwood Boulevard, Incline Village, Nevada 89451, Attn: Utility Ordinance Amendments
Give us a call: (775) 832-1100
Send us a fax: (775) 832-1331
Send us an email: utilityordinancecomments@ivgid.org