January 9th, 2024 - February 15th, 2024

Volunteers wanted!

In early January 2024, a floating dock became unmoored from its home somewhere on the lake, washed up on Ski Beach in Incline Village, and released thousands of styrofoam pellets onto the beach and into the lake. woman cleans up styrofoam on ski beach

Upon discovering the mess, IVGID staff immediately began efforts to mitigate the environmental damage and contain the styrofoam, and contacted Clean Up the Lake - an environmental non-profit dedicated to keeping Lake Tahoe trash-free - to help. Initial cleanup efforts successfully removed 90-95% of the styrofoam pellets from the water and beach; however, wind and wave action have spread some of the tiny foam pellets across the beach and deeper into the sand.

Read more: Tahoe Daily Tribune - "That's not snow: Thousands of styrofoam beads wash up on Incline Village beaches"

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: IVGID staff members are at the beach regularly cleaning additional styrofoam pellets from the beach property. Community members with beach access who want to lend a hand are encouraged to come to Ski Beach to volunteer with the cleanup efforts. Cleanup tools will be available at Ski Beach for any volunteers who wish to participate, or you can bring your own from home if you have suitable tools.

Volunteers need to sign a quick IVGID Volunteer Waiver form before beginning work. Contact the IVGID Beach Ambassador hotline at 775-413-3182 to sign the volunteer waiver and determine which days crews are working. (On days with high winds or weather, disturbing the sand can lead to the styrofoam pellets getting further disbursed into the environment.)

View the short video below for a preview of the work that would be helpful.