IVGID Quarterly 2021-22 Annual Report edition2021-22 Annual Report edition

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Welcome message from Indra Winquest

District General Manager Indra Winquest here, wishing you a safe and happy start to the fall and winter seasons!

The past few years have been both challenging and rewarding in many ways. As we seem to be transitioning out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world, and certainly our community, have experienced quite a bit of change. However, all of us at IVGID continue to work tirelessly to manage changes effectively to ensure the continued delivery of services that makes Incline Village and Crystal Bay a great place to live, work, and recreate.

We know that for some, change is difficult. The best approach is to work together, be respectful and thoughtful of each other as we transition out of these anxious and challenging times.

The District staff continues to focus on the task of transitioning all IVGID venues, programs and services back to normal operations to the best extent possible. This effort continues to be successful as we have seen the venues – including the beaches, golf courses, Diamond Peak, the Tennis & Pickleball Center, the Recreation Center, and community programs and events – return to a level of vibrancy that we have been accustomed to. In some cases, we are seeing growth in participation, in particular at both golf courses and the Tennis & Pickleball Center.

Over the past year, several significant Capital Improvement Projects were completed and/or continue to move forward in various stages. This past June, the Burnt Cedar Pool Project was completed and the venue opened to the community in mid-June. This project also included the construction of a new toddler pool area, as well as a connector pathway along the lake that links the east and west sides of the property.

Additionally, at the Recreation Center, both the upstairs restrooms and the downstairs locker rooms have been completely renovated over the course of the past year.

At Public Works, staff continues to work with the IVGID Board of Trustees on the design and construction planning phases of both the Effluent Pipeline and Storage Project. This project is one of the most important projects the District will implement this century. Additionally, Public Works continues to focus on water and sewer infrastructure projects to ensure safety and operational efficiencies.

This past year, the IVGID Board of Trustees also identified additional priority projects including renovation and enhancements to the Skate Park, replacement of the Incline Beach House facility as well as identifying areas to improve safety and security of ingress and egress at the beach properties, and continuing with the final phase of the Mountain Golf Course Pathway Project.

The IVGID Board of Trustees also reconfirmed the development of a community dog park as a priority project as well as refocusing on the Diamond Peak Master Plan and potential future projects for improvements at Diamond Peak. A General Manager’s Advisory Committee on a community dog park formed to evaluate potential opportunities and eventually assist in making formal recommendations via the General Manager to the IVGID Board of Trustees. A General Manager’s Advisory Committee to review the Diamond Peak Master Plan will be formed this fall with the goal to provide recommendations for improvements at Diamond Peak.

The District’s senior management and Accounting and Finance staff continues to work with the Board of Trustees and the Audit Committee on updating District policies and procedures including purchasing and procurement and District-wide pricing policies. Financial transparency and internal controls continue to be an area of focus in an ongoing effort to continue to build trust and effective governance.

This past spring, after an 18-month effort, the General Manager’s Advisory Committee on Ordinance 7 delivered, via the District General Manager, formal recommendations for revisions to Ordinance 7, an ordinance establishing rates, rules and regulations for IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards. Ordinance 7 had not been revised since 1998.

On behalf of the District, I would like to thank the members of the Ordinance 7 Committee, IVGID Board of Trustees, and the community for your patience during this extremely important process. These revisions were implemented by District staff this past summer season. An overall review of the effectiveness of the revisions will be presented to the Board of Trustees later this fall.

We hope you will enjoy reading these reports from the various venue and department managers throughout the District.

In closing, I am taking this opportunity to thank the IVGID Board of Trustees and the District staff for their hard work and dedication during challenging times while continuing to provide a high level of service to our residents and guests. Lastly, thank you to the community for your overall support and commitment to making Incline Village and Crystal Bay amazing!

Indra Winquest,
IVGID General Manager