Following are the Ordinance 7 - an Ordinance establishing rates, rules and regulations for IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards by the Incline Village General Improvement District (informally known as recreation privileges) - summary of changes that are effective June 1, 2022:

  1. Beach access shall be obtained by:
    • An IVGID Picture Pass Holder.
    • A parcel owner, tenant, or guest holding a Punch Card with a sufficient remaining balance on it to cover the entire cost of the guest beach access fee.
    • A guest who accompanies an IVGID Picture Pass Holder at the beach gate (with a limitation as to the total number of guests per day per parcel described in 6. below).
  2. Beach guest fee payment shall be made as follows:
    • An IVGID Picture Pass Holder may pay for their guest(s) by credit card or by the use of a Recreation Punch Card, with a sufficient balance to cover the entire guest beach access fee(s). Cash is not accepted at the beach gates. An access fee is not charged for the IVGID Picture Pass Holder, only for their guest(s). An IVGID Picture Pass or Recreation Punch Card must be presented at the beach gate (physical or electronic versions are permitted).
    • An IVGID Recreation Punch Card holder is required to pay of the full amount of the guest beach access fee for each guest using the Recreation Punch Card. Therefore, the Recreation Punch Card must have a sufficient balance to cover all guest fees. When a Recreation Punch Card’s value has been used in its entirety, it may not be reloaded. Recreation Punch Cards are non-transferable other than to the guest of a parcel owner. 
  3. Each residential parcel/dwelling unit is eligible for a combination of up to 5 IVGID Picture Passes and/or Recreation Punch Cards. In addition, each residential parcel/dwelling unit is eligible to purchase up to a maximum of 5 additional passes/cards, of which a maximum of 3 additional Recreation Punch Cards (that cannot be used at the golf courses) and/or up to 3 additional IVGID Picture Passes (that cannot be used at the golf courses and cannot be used for guest access to the beaches) can be purchased for qualified family members within the Family Tree (Exhibit to the Ordinance) of the parcel owner residing at the property - it is a Picture Pass for the cardholder only. The maximum proposed number of passes per residential parcel/dwelling unit is limited to 10. 
  4. Occupants of hotels/motels: Occupants of hotels/motels shall be provided access to the beaches consistent with the terms of the Beach Deed subject to District administrative rules and regulations which shall include a verification process. This process, at a minimum, shall include payment of an occupant fee. Access shall be limited to occupants of the hotel/motel. The District has the authority to reasonably regulate access to the beaches by occupants of hotels/motels. The occupant fee, effective June 1, 2022, is $15 per person and payable via punch card or credit card only by the hotel/motel owner.
  5. Boat/Watercraft launching is for valid IVGID Picture Pass holders or Recreation Punch Card holders for recreational use of such holders, and not for commercial use. The Beach Deed does not allow for commercial use of the beaches and a third-party launching service, provided to IVGID Picture Pass or Recreation Punch Card holders, is not considered a commercial use. All guest and launch fees are to be paid either by:
    • IVGID Picture Pass holders may pay by credit card or a balance remaining on the Punch Card(s).
    • Recreation Punch Card Holders must pay with funds on the Punch Card(s).
  6. The total number of guests allowed access to each beach, by accompanying all IVGID Picture Pass holder(s) from one parcel, per day, is limited to a total of 15 guests per beach, per parcel, per day. Parties over 15 for any given parcel requires a group reservation to be approved, in advance, by IVGID's Parks & Recreation Department. The applicable guest fee will be charged to each guest at each beach.
  7. Unbuildable lots are not eligible for recreation privileges. For the unbuildable lots with privileges as of June 1, 2022, they will be allowed to continue to be eligible for recreation privileges until such time the property is sold, transferred, or until the death of the owner(s).
  8. The definition of "guest" for the beaches is as follows:
    • "Any person invited by an Owner of a parcel with beach access to use the District-owned beaches. A property owner or its assignees, including guests, can use the beaches for recreation purposes only and cannot sell access to the beaches or receive compensation for access to the beaches." [Reference paragraph 29 from Ordinance 7.]
  9. Any parcel/dwelling unit that is owned by multiple owners or that is held in the name of an entity (an LLC, corporation, etc.), must designate, on an annual basis, one person to authorize the issuance of recreation privileges for the parcel.
  10. Other important changes are:
    • Stronger sanctions for misconduct, which can include suspension of Recreation Privileges for up to two (2) years.
    • A more detailed list of activities that constitute misconduct.
    • Specific requirements for parcel owners to be responsible for the actions and damage caused by their tenants and guests.
    • Recreation Punch Cards are proposed to only be transferrable to a tenant or a guest of the parcel owner to whom the Recreation Punch Card has been issued and cannot be given to other owners for their guests.
    • The Family Tree has been updated to add registered Domestic Partners and their children.
    • There is a requirement that all Picture Pass holders under the age of 18 must obtain an updated photo every three (3) years. This is to ensure the IVGID Picture Pass holder is recognizable.
    • Daily use and/or exchange passes are eliminated.

For the final version of Ord 7 click here: 

Ordinance 7 has been updated and it has been posted in accordance with Paragraph 4 of the ordinance (posted at the Administrative Office, Chateau, Public Works office, and the Recreation Center) as well as on our website. Should any person desire a PDF copy of the ordinance be sent to them via e-mail, please send an e-mail to so as to request a copy of the ordinance be emailed. Please put “Ordinance 7” in the subject line as that would be helpful.