TWSA water purveyors provide some of the finest drinking water in the world to your home or business, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, for less than a penny per gallon!  So whether you are a local or someone visiting our region, we urge you to kick the bottled water habit and drink from the tap.

Municipal water systems are more rigorously tested and monitored than the bottled water industry.  Choosing tap water over bottled water whenever possible and supporting increased federal funding for safe and affordable public tap water.  Tap water is better than bottled water when it comes to people’s health, wallets and the environment.  

Food & Water Watch published a report “Take Back the Tap,” which supports findings that bottled water is generally not cleaner, safer  or healthier than tap water.  Consumers can offset the waste and pollution associated with the single use plastics created by the bottled water industry during production and transportation.  

Mobile Water Station for Large Scale Events


“Tahoe Tap” Member Glenbrook Water Cooperative wins “Best Tasting Water in the USA” Competition sponsored by the National Rural Water Association.