Zero Tolerance Trash Enforcement Begins August 1, 2017

The IVGID Board of Trustees (BOT) has set  August 1, 2017 as the start date for the zero tolerance solid waste enforcement policy for any violation(s) documented through Waste Management’s Solid Waste Snapshot Program and/or IVGID’s Trash Reporting.


  • DO – Make sure trash and recycling cart lids are both fully closed.
  • DO – Place yard waste curbside in stickered bags ONLY during 16 week program.
  • DO – Place trash and recycling carts curbside after 5 a.m. on service day.  
  • DO – Make sure trash is contained at all times.

Ideal service:  Bear shed or locking wildlife resistant cart, sized for largest volume requirement. 


  • DON’T - Leave any gap in lid or allow trash or recycling overflow outside of cart(s).  
  • DON’T – Leave any bags, cans or cardboard next to trash or recycling carts.
  • DON’T – Place yard waste curbside in bags or cans other than during the dates set for 16 week program.
  • DON’T – Place trash or recycling out on wrong date/time, or prior to 5 a.m. on service day. 
  • DON’T – Leave trash or recycling uncontained.  Customers are still responsible for a spill, even on service day.  Collection occurs between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m..


First offense: Results in mandatory upgrade to wildlife resistant cart service. 
2nd and subsequent offenses: $100-$999 fine, refundable with bear shed installation.  
Visit to view Ordinance 1 - Article 7, which details ordinance non-compliance and violations. 

What should I do with extra trash and recycling?

There are multiple options available for handling extra trash and/or recycling volume, depending on your needs.  These options include:

  • Use 4 Annual transfer station dumps, up to 3 cubic yards each, at no additional cost.
  • Decrease your trash volume by placing cleaned recyclables into your recycling cart.
  • Break down your recyclables, including cardboard, before placing them in the cart.
  • Drop-off extra trash at the transfer station, subject to fee based on volume.
  • Free drop off of recycling at the transfer station.
  • Increasing your cart size, subject to fee based on volume needed.
  • Call for a one time extra curbside service, subject to fee.

Visit for additional information about trash service and how to avoid overages.

How should I dispose of yard waste outside of the dates for the 16 week program?

Outside of the 16 week program yard waste is treated as trash.  If you have extra volume available in your cart you can place yard waste in your green-lidded trash cart.  Yard waste cannot be placed in the blue-lidded recycling cart at any time.  Outside of the 16 week program you may not place it in bags or cans next to your cart outside of the program dates.  You may also use any of the options detailed above for excess trash. 

What should I do if I do not have a secure place to store my carts in order to avoid a trash or recycling spill?

There are multiple options for customers that do not have a secure place to store their refuse.  These include:

  • The ideal service option is a bear shed.  This service option has the lowest rate available and IVGID offers a $150 rebate upon installation during fiscal year 17/18.
  • Customers can elect to have locking wildlife resistant cart service.  This service option can be used to help secure trash and/or recycling which is stored outside.
  • Customers can leave their cart(s) empty until after 5 AM their service day and fill the cart(s) prior to placing the cart(s) at the curb for collection.
  • Customers can drop-off their trash allotment prior to service day at the transfer station in lieu of service curbside. 

New Trash Collection for Incline Village and Crystal Bay

Changes to trash and recycling collection became effective October 1, 2016.  See the documents below for additional information on the changes to service. 

Solid Waste Changes

At the IVGID Board of Trustees on July 7, 2016 the new Solid Waste Franchise Agreement with Waste Management was approved by the Board of Trustees.  The proposed services were developed by the Solid Waste Committee based on feedback received from our community.   

GM Committee on Solid Waste Presentation to the Board

On Wednesday, February 24, 2016 the General Manager Committee on Solid Waste presented the proposed service changes to the Board of Trustees based on the feedback it reviewed from the community.  

Let's Talk Trash Community Forum

On Monday, January 25, 2016 IVGID held a community forum on solid waste services (refuse containerization, recycling and yard waste). The General Manager's Solid Waste Committee evaluated the community’s needs for trash and recycling services as well as the solid waste franchise agreement.  Thank you for providing your suggestions on the service options which were important to you.

Franchise Agreement

Waste Management Contact Information

1200 Sweetwater Rd, Incline Village NV 89451
Customer Service: (775) 831-2971
Hours: M-F 8AM to 4:30PM
Transfer Station: (775) 833-6251
Hours: M-F 8AM to 4:30PM, S-S 8AM to 4PM