If you are concerned about your water use or want to stay within a water budget you can utilize your meter read information provided on your billing statement or you can check your use on your meter regularly.  

Your water meter is generally near the street at the corner of the lot marked with a metal fence post with blue paint. The meter is under a metal or concrete lid. Brush away any soil or dirt before you remove the lid and please take great care in not damaging the meter, transmitter or associated wires. The water meter register has a black protective dust cover which you will need to flip back to read the meter. Water meters have numbers and spinning dials, which record usage. When water is not being used, none of the numbers or dials on the meter should move. Our meters have a small red star wheel "the leak detector" which spins to indicate when water is traveling thru the meter. If you are not sure you are looking at the correct meter simply run a hose bibb at your house to verify the meter is yours.

Meter Reading Log (PDF)