Our drinking water is some of the finest in the world! DRINK TAHOE TAP!

In order to treat and supply an average of 1 Billion Gallons of water annually our Water Infrastructure Assets include:

  • A UV & Ozone Water Treatment Plant able to treat up to 8.5 million gallons daily
  • 100 Miles of Water Mains between 4” to 24”
  • 753 Hydrants, 12 IVGID Fire Hydrants and 106 Private Fire Hydrants 
  • 2,031 Gate Valves
  • 13 Water Tanks with 7 Million Gallons of Storage
  • 13 Water Pumping Stations with 26 Pressure Zones
  • Service connections to over 4,440 Water Meters

Total Water Infrastructure Replacement Value: $275,000,000

Total assessed value of water and sewer infrastructure: $113,474,000 (2014 IVGID Audit Report)

The IVGID Public Works department provides its water customers with a safe, palatable water supply that is very close to its pure, natural state. The Public Works water treatment plant is one of a handful of surface water, treatment facilities across the nation that is not required to provide filtration for its drinking water. 

IVGID has received an exemption of filtration requirement because of the unique characteristics and extremely high quality of our water source, Lake Tahoe. Water is drawn out of Lake Tahoe and treated using a state-of-the-art ozone treatment process followed by an ultra-violet light system. These systems provide disinfection of the drinking water to protect against bacteria, viruses and cysts. Ozone is a powerful disinfectant that does not alter mineral quality and enhances the taste of the water. UV light also imparts no taste to the water. The District then injects a small dose of chlorine in the drinking water before it goes out to the community to keep it bacteria-free in the pipes.