incline open tennis match

THANK YOU to all of the competitors who came out to play in the 2023 Incline Open Tennis Tournament July 28 - 30, 2023! It was a beautiful weekend and fun to see our locals and visitors enjoying some great matches. Photos are posted on the Incline Village Tennis & Pickleball Facebook album!

Tournament Participants: We'd appreciate it if you would spend 3 minutes and give us your feedback on the 2023 Incline Tennis Open tournament by taking a short survey here...

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Please see the final tally of this year’s champions in the following categories. These results are also listed on the TopDog tournament page

2023 Incline Open Tennis Tournament Winners


Mixed 4.5 Doubles:
Champions: Dominique Lhuillier & Stephan Lhuillier
Finalists: Jeff Woods & Angella Woods

Mixed 4.0 Doubles:
Champions: Basia Phillips & Loïc Bailly
Finalists: Carey Corfield & Fred G Lerch

Mixed 3.5 Doubles:
Champions: Austin Lee & Lisa Rutz
Finalists: Randall Lopes & Evelyn R Catania


Women's 4.0 Singles: 
Champion: Chloe Ziegler
Finalist: Sophie Mix

Women's 4.5 Doubles: 
Champions: Allie Van Alstyne & Hilary Warren
Finalists: Angella Woods & Meghan J Woods

Women's 4.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Sharon Doi-Sharp & Joyce Youngs
Finalists: Jen Mann & Becky Paulson

Women's 3.5 Doubles: 
Champions: Marci Banes & Amy Engelbert
Finalists: Tricia Tong & Katherine Tong

Women's 3.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Hannelore Catania & Evelyn R Catania 
Finalists: Susan Klein & Susan Jennkins



Men's 5.0 Singles
Champion: Sebastien Lhuillier
Finalist: Stephan Lhuillier

Men's 4.5 Singles
Champion: Connor Van Alstyne
Finalist: Robbie Shaw

Men's 4.0 Singles
Champion: Sebastian Alvarez
Finalist: Preston Pegram

Men's 3.5 Singles
Champion: Johnny Ayers
Finalist: Sebastian Guerrero

Men's 4.5 Doubles: 
Champions: Connor Van Alstyne & Brendan Kuhlman
Finalists: A J Avansino & Brent Busboom

Men's 4.0 Doubles: 
Champions: John Klein & Daniel G Mathis 
Finalists: Taylor Shigihara & Joel Newmeyer

Men's 3.5 Doubles: 
Champions: Gabe Galvez & Lonny J Dill 
Finalists: Austin Lee & Victor Li