Incline Village General Improvement District  Board of Trustees

Sara Schmitz, Chair
Matthew Dent, Vice Chair
Raymond Tulloch, Treasurer
Michaela Tonking, Secretary
Dave Noble, Trustee



*Viewing available by clicking this link and choosing BOT Meeting 03.13.2024 

At the IVGID Board of Trustees meeting on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, the Board listened to a variety of topics during the Public Comment period. The audience read and spoke about the subjects related to the appointment of Bobby Magee as the District General Manager, scheduled Board meeting times and the accessibility of meetings for working parents in the community, the scheduled Town Hall meeting format, information received in Public Records Requests, and community members extended their appreciation to the Public Works Interim Director Kate Nelson and staff for their expedited response to the water main break on Tyner Way.


General Manager Magee provided a report on his first week as the GM. He indicated that his first priority would be to focus on District staff. 

Mr. Magee went on to provide an update on the Venue Status Reports. The Human Resources update provided data that included: Nevada ranking #1 in the nation for job growth with a 3.1% job growth in 2022 - 2023. 

He then provided an update from Public Works, with an announcement regarding the water main that will require the water to be turned off for repairs at Christmas Tree Village shopping center March 19-21. 

The District General Manager concluded his report on District Departments with the Accounting and Finance teams’ update and progress. He additionally noted that a Special Board Meeting is being scheduled to provide the Board with the expected Audit Results along with other time-sensitive matters from the Public Works department.

Staff requested the Report on the Beach Year End Food and Beverage Actuals Results be tabled, and calendared for a later date.

Trustee Raymond Tulloch provided an overview of the January 2024 District Treasury Report, and answered Board member questions


Trustees unanimously approved the following Items on the Consent Calendar:

  1. Meeting Minutes for February 28, 2024, and
  2. Revisions to the Board Policy 22.1.0 - Disclosure of External Entity Involvement. 


Following Interim Public Works Director Nelson’s introduction of the Public Works General Business Item regarding Augmentation and Appropriation of the FY 2023/24 Operating Budget, the Trustees expressed concerns about the Utility Fund balance, and provided feedback and suggestions to Staff. 
The Board approved the Public Works Department request for an Augmentation and Appropriation of FY 2023/24 Operating Budget in the Amount of $300,000 from the Utilities Reserve Fund to Cover Costs of Water Main Repairs; and, approved the request to defund $400,000 from the FY 2023/24 CIP Water Pump Sta. 2-1 Improvements, and appropriate the $400,000 to CIP for Residential Meter and Electronics Replacement to Fund the Procurement of Additional Water Meter Registers and Transponders.

The Board additionally directed staff to attempt to find the funds within existing appropriations and reapportion the Budget with any unused appropriations. Staff was requested to report back to the Board, within the next month, a report on Utility Funds used and savings. 

The Board approved staff recommendations as modified and revised, by approving the District's Purchase of the Water Resource Recovery Facility Equipment (Xylem DBA YSI Incorporated, Optical UV Nitrite/Nitrate/Ammonia Sensors and 20 Channel Terminal Controller and Related Hardware).

The Board of Trustees additionally directed the Interim Director of Public Works to sign and execute the agreement of the FY 2023/24 CIP #2599SS1102 Water Resource Recovery Facility Improvements by Appropriating $8,100.00 from the budgeted for the Utility Rate Study budget.

In a unanimous decision, the Board of Trustees authorized Staff to execute the agreement with Active Network for a Point-of-Sale Software Assessment, in the not to exceed amount of $267,500.00.  Additionally, the Board approved the recommendation from staff to augment  the FY23/24 Operating Budget and appropriate $227,375 from the Community Services Fund balance,  and approved an augmentation of the FY23/24 Operating Budget and additional appropriation in the amount of $40,125 from the Beach Fund balance.

The Following Items were added to the Long Range Calendar:

Report from Public Works regarding Water Main Repair Project savings and fund balance
March 28th - Special Meeting at: 4:30 P.M.  Agenda items include the CMAR effluent pond project and the Audit Report. 
Budget is due to the state on or before April 15th (Rates, Pricing Policy, Pricing Pyramid) 
Final budget hearing will be final on April 24th.
Golf Advisory Committee recommendations for the Board Meeting on the April 10th 2024.

Trustee Updates

  • Trustee Tonking provided an update to the Board on the Golf Advisory Committee and possible Committee recommendations for the Boards consideration to be on the Trustees Agenda for April 10th.
  • Trustee Schmitz provided an update on the Pickle-Ball Committee activities.

The March 13th Meeting of the IVGID Board of Trustees adjourned at 7:32 PM.

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