Incline Village General Improvement District Board of Trustees

Sara Schmitz, Chair
Matthew Dent, Vice Chair
Raymond Tulloch, Treasurer
Michaela Tonking, Secretary
Dave Noble, Trustee


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At a Special Meeting of the IVGID Board Of Trustees on Wednesday, March 6th, the meeting began with Public Comment, where the Board listened as members of the community voiced their opinions and concerns regarding a variety of topics.

The majority of the public comments related to Agenda Item G.1. This item requested that the Board consider the appointment of a candidate to the position of District General Manager, and matters related to the employment agreement.

General Business:

The Director of Human Resources, Erin Feore, provided a brief background to the Board and the community and requested that the Board of Trustees consider the staff recommendation to appoint Bobby Magee to the District General Manager position.

At the Board's request, Mr. Magee came forward to address community concerns echoed during public comment. Mr. Magee shared a brief overview of what hybrid work looks like in an Executive Leadership Role. He further provided the Board and attendees with his background and experience in leading large governmental agencies. His experience includes operational and fiscal oversight functions with Special Districts, Public Works, Utilities, Parks and Recreation, Golf Courses, and Community Based Organizations.

The Board of Trustees voted 3 to 2 and approved a 2-year contract with Bobby Magee as the District General Manager (GM). Though two Board members expressed concerns with regard to the terms of the contract agreement, the entire Board expressed their unanimous support for Mr. Magee's appointment to the position.

Following the vote, Trustees extended their Thanks and appreciation to the Interim General Manager Mike Bandelin for his dedication and hard work during this process.

Assistant Director of Finance Adam Cripps, provided the Board with a brief overview and explanation of the draft 5-year Capital Improvement Outlook for Fiscal Year 0204-25 budget Cycle.

Following Board and staff conversation, the Trustees provided feedback on the layout of the 5–Year Capital Improvement Plan and discussed the “Board Identified Priority Projects” for staff to consider when working on the upcoming Budget.

Board of Trustees Capital Improvement Plan Priorities

Maintain Venues and Infrastructure

Board Projects

  • Snowflake Lodge
  • The Recreation Center - expansion and/or reconfiguration
  • Incline Beach House including ingress/egress – in progress
  • Skate Park – to be completed to use the ARPA funding of $250,000 – in progress

The Special Meeting of the IVGID Board of Trustees adjourned at 5:45 PM.

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