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Welcome message from Matthew Dent

After years of hard work and input from the General Manager’s Ordinance 7 Advisory Committee (Committee), staff, and special legal counsel, the Board modified employee beach access to protect the beach deed and the rights of its beneficiaries. The following is intended to provide clarification around the issue and popular questions.

Who was involved and what was the process?
The District has been evaluating changes to Ordinance 7 (Rates, Rules, and Regulations) for IVGID Recreation Passes and Recreation Punch Cards since 2020. The Committee was formed and recommended revisions, including beach access for District employees and their dependents, along with the Silver and Gold Card holders. In 2021, the Board authorized special legal counsel to review this beach access issue to ensure compliance with the 1968 Beach Deed. On January 25, 2023, the Board approved the modification of employee benefits to exclude beach access.

Why did the Board take action?
As a fiduciary, the Board has been entrusted by the public to oversee and manage the District. Per the Beach Deed, the beaches are, “for the benefit of property owners and their guests.” IVGID employees are beneficiaries of the Beach Deed. The Board has a responsibility to protect the beaches, the property rights of owners and their tenants. Its decision to modify beach access protects the District by its compliance with the Beach Deed.

What does this mean going forward?
Effective immediately, employees have no recreational access to the beaches unless they’re a property owner, a tenant, or a guest of a property owner. For IVGID employees who work at the beaches, they have occupational access to the beaches during scheduled work hours. Lastly, Incline Village property owners, tenants and guests will continue to have beach access in accordance with the Beach Deed and Ordinance 7.

Is there any consideration by the Board to offer employees other privileges?
Yes, the GM and HR Director are working on this. Filling seasonal and full-time positions has been difficult, for example, last year the District couldn’t fill the lifeguard vacancies and sense this may be the new normal. 

In closing, we appreciate all District employees. The Board understands this is a sensitive issue. It has been several years in the making and I appreciate the efforts by the Committee, staff, and the Board for their leadership in protecting the Beaches for generations to come.

Matthew Dent,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees