In January 2010, IVGID embarked on its first investment in solar energy production with the installation of a large-scale photovoltaic array on the roof of the Public Works facility.
System Specifications

  • 150 Evergreen Solar Photovoltaic 205 watt Panels 
  • 27 kilowatt system capacity
  • Up to 47,304 kilowatt hours (kWh) produced annually 
  • 2,540 sq. ft. of solar panel surface  
  • Provides 25% of the power needed for the building’s daytime operations 
  • $6,284 annual energy cost reduction 
  • Project cost: $321,000 (District capital  $186,000 + $135,000 rebate from NV Energy’s Solar Generations Program) 
  • 54,000 pounds of CO2 avoided annually
  • This is the largest solar array in Incline Village, NV 

As a grid-tied system, any excess energy produced is returned to the main electrical grid via reverse metering. This system functions without battery storage.