The Incline Village General Improvement District is working on several major Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) throughout the District, addressing major infrastructure upgrades, repairs, replacements and other enhancements. IVGID's Engineering Division, within the Department of Public Works, generally takes the lead on the design, bidding, and management of these projects.

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Featured Project

2022 Recreation Center Locker Room Remodel
The Recreation Center Locker Room Remodel improvements include new tile, fixtures, and lockers with integrated security systems, as well as modifications to comply with current ADA building and fire codes. With all demolition completed and new floor and wall tile installed, our next steps include the installation of lockers, benches, lighting, and other fixtures.

Projects Under Construction

2022 Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility Building Upgrades
A 2022 Capital Improvement Project, this project replaces the existing non-operable sliding gate at the Water Resource Recovery Facility with a new electronic vertical pivot security gate.

Effluent Pipeline Project – 2524SS2010
The immediate priority is to replace all of the remaining Segment 3 pipeline (12,385 linear feet) and to make immediate repairs to the Segment 2 pipeline (17,314 linear feet) to extend its life and mitigate a potential future leak site.

Effluent Pond Lining Project – 2599SS2010
A component of the Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) operation is a 2.4-million-gallon effluent storage basin located adjacent to the wastewater resource recovery facility (Plant).

Completed Projects

2021 Recreation Center Upstairs Lobby Restroom Remodel
A 2021 Capital Improvement Project to remodel the upstairs men's and women's restrooms at the Rec Center.

2021 Mountain Golf Cart Path Replacement
A carryforward 2020 Capital Improvement Project to reconstruct the cart paths at Mountain Golf Course.

2021 Burnt Cedar Swimming Pool Improvements
A 2021 Capital Improvement and Board of Trustees Priority Project, this project will reconstruct the two (2) existing pools (full size and toddler) at Burnt Cedar Beach.

2020 WRRF Aeration System Improvements
The aeration process of wastewater treatment supplies oxygen to facilitate the biological activity that converts raw sewage into treated wastewater effluent.

2020 Championship Golf Course Maintenance Building Drainage & Washpad Improvements
A 2020 Capital Improvement Project, this project will improve surface and sub-surface drainage, construct a modern wash pad facility (photo), and spot-treat pavement failures at the Championship Golf Maintenance Building, adjacent to the chipping green.

2021 Water Reservoir Coatings and Site Improvements
A 2021 Capital Improvement Project, this project coats the exterior of IVGID reservoirs R2-1 and R6C-1.

2021 Replace & Reline Tanager Sewer Mains, Manholes and Appurtenances
A 2021 Capital Improvement Project for the replacement and rehabilitation of sewer mains, manholes and appurtenances.

2021 Tennis Center Renovation
This project includes remodeling the pro-shop and restrooms, enclosing the existing kitchenette area, expanding and enhancing the deck area, and making improvements to the general layout to make the venue more welcoming.

Projects in Design

2021 Ski Way and Diamond Peak Parking Lot Reconstruction A 2021 Capital Improvement Project to reconstruct Ski Way and the Diamond Peak Parking Lot.

2022 Slott Peak Court - Water Main Replacement
A 2022 Capital Improvement Project, this project includes replacing the aging steel water main in Slott Peak Court and miscellaneous water system improvements.

2022 Community Dog Park Project
The district is currently evaluating a potential site for a Community Dog Park.