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The Engineering Division is working on several CIP projects, including:

Incline Park Facility Renovations
Ballfield construction is substantially complete. Only punchlist items and scoreboard installation remain. This work will be completed in the spring, when the field is clear of snow. 

Water Reservoir Safety and Security Improvements
This project will add safety and security improvements to the District’s potable water reservoirs. The contractor, Resource Development Company, is preparing shop drawings and submittals prior to starting work in the spring.

Mountain Golf Clubhouse Restoration 
The Contractor, Houston Smith Construction, is actively working on the interior remodel. Demolition is complete and the new walls have gone up in the old Pro Shop to construct the Golf Pro’s office. On the exterior, framing has started, which will substantially increase the size of the deck. The project is scheduled to be complete April 1, in time for the 2020 golf season.

WPS 2-1 Electrical Improvements
Product submittals and shop drawings provided by the Contractor, San Joaquin Electric, have been approved and are currently being manufactured offsite. Active construction is scheduled to begin in February.

WRRF Aeration Project
This project will replace the original low pressure air system and associated blowers, controls and appurtenances, originally installed in 1992, at the WRRF. The aeration system is a very important part of wastewater treatment, supplying oxygen to facilitate the biological activity that converts raw sewage into stabilized organic material. The project was awarded to K. G. Walters Construction. Contract is signed and all bonds and insurance have been acquired. Staff anticipates issuing the Notice to Proceed in January.

No other Public Works contracts were issued in December.

The Engineering Division is also overseeing a number of projects in the construction, bidding, design and planning phases, including: Tennis Center renovations; bocce courts at the Recreation Center site; Champ Course maintenance building drainage improvements; Phase II of the bike park; and miscellaneous maintenance and upgrade projects at the wetlands, WRRF and BCWDP.

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