Updated August 25, 2021

Burnt Cedar Swimming Pool Improvements – 3970BD2601

A 2021 Capital Improvement and Board of Trustees Priority Project, this project will reconstruct the two (2) existing pools (full size and toddler) at Burnt Cedar Beach. The CMAR contractor, CORE West, Inc., mobilized to the site May 3, 2021.  This project will require complete closure of the pool and pool deck for the entire 2021 season.

This project is a 2021 Capital Improvement Project and Board of Trustees Priority Project, which will reconstruct the two (2) pools (full size and toddler) that were built in 1968 at Burnt Cedar Beach. The renovations will provide a modern facility for residents to enjoy for many years to come. The project includes layout modifications, reorienting the pools, offering enhanced family-oriented amenities, providing a raised terrace for dining, and a new pedestrian path that connects the west parking area to the sandy beach and picnic areas.

The pool and pool deck have been and will be closed for the entire 2021 season, but residents can still enjoy use of the beach, picnic areas, and bar amenities at the site during construction.

Download the Project Summary data sheet (PDF)

Design of the pool was completed in early 2021. The design partners include TSK Architects, Aquatics Design Group, RCI, Inc., Design Workshop, Nelson-Wilcox Structural Engineers and MSA, Inc. CORE West, Inc. was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and mobilized to the site to start work on May 3, 2021. The construction is scheduled to be completed by June 2022, just in time for residents to enjoy the updated facility for the summer season.

CORE West, Inc. had a lot of preparation work before any construction could begin. They installed all required BMPs site improvements, altered the parking lot area to allow easy and safe access to the beach and picnic areas for use during construction, and then began demolition of the pool deck, pool, and toddler pool.

As you can imagine, some large boulders were encountered during the excavation for the new pool. There were a couple of days when the rock breaking operation was rather loud for the people enjoying the beach, and we are all thankful that work is complete! The new pool will be wider to accommodate an additional lane, making it a six lane pool. The orientation of the pool has been modified to provide incredible views of the lake. Kids are sure to spend hours enjoying the pool slide, and the wading pool will be very popular with its new fun water feature.

We are excited for residents to come enjoy this upgraded facility in 2022.


Construction Photos

Photos below were taken in August 2021, top to bottom: Wading pool rebar and concrete installation, main pool concrete and stairs installation.

Wading Pool Rebar

Wading Pool Progress 1

Wading Pool Progress 2

Pool Stairs

pool concrete fill


Photos below were taken in June and July 2021, top to bottom: Site compaction, rock breaking operations, new pool forms and excavation, new pool piping and shotcrete installation.

Pool Compaction

Pool Compaction

Rock Hammer

Pool Forms

New Pool Excavation

New Pool Piping

New Pool Shotcrete


Update from June 9, 2021

CORE Construction was selected as the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) and mobilized to the site May 3, 2021. CORE has installed all the required BMPs, have altered the parking lot to allow easy access to the sandy beach and picnic areas, and started the demolition phase of the pool, toddler pool and pool deck. (See photos of the demolition below.) CORE will be working on installation of the pool piping throughout the month of June. 

Demolition Photos

Photos taken in May 2021, top to bottom: The empty Burnt Cedar pool before demolition began, during the demolition process, and after demolition is complete, followed by the the wading/kiddie pool demolition.

Burnt Cedar Pool before demolition

Burnt Cedar Pool Deck demolition

Burnt Cedar Pool demolition

Burnt Cedar Pool post demolition

Wading Pool demolition

Wading Pool post demolition