Steven J. Pinkerton
General Manager
Office: 775-832-1100
Fax: 775-832-1122
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Gerry Eick, Director of Finance/Director of IT

Gerry Eick
Director of Finance
Office: 775-832-1100
Fax: 775-832-1249
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Joe Pomroy
Director of Public Works
Office: 775-832-1203
Fax: 775-832-1331
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Dee Carey, Director of Human Resources

Dee Carey
Director of Human Resources
Office: 775-832-1100
Fax: 775-832-1359
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Susan Herron, Executive Assistant / Clerk to the Board of Trustees

Susan Herron
Executive Assistant / Clerk to the Board of Trustees
Office: 775-832-1100
Fax: 775-832-1122 
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Mike Bandelin
Diamond Peak Ski Resort General Manager
Office: 775-832-1177
Fax: 775-832-1281
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Indra Winquest
Director of Parks & Recreation / Community Services
Office: 775-832-1323
Fax: 775-832-1380
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