So You're Thinking About Being An IVGID Trustee

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Congratulations on your decision to consider becoming an IVGID Trustee! To help you solidify your decision to become a candidate, we have put together this webpage to bring together, in one place, relevant information so you can explore, at your own pace, all the different and varied information to aid in making your decision a reality. The most important information about becoming an IVGID Trustee candidate on the primary ballot is the filing date. Washoe County will set the time period as its candidate filing period. As a candidate, you must physically go down to Washoe County offices located at 1001 East Ninth Street, Building A, Room 135A in Reno during the above filing period and pay a fee (in cash) and complete paperwork, along with showing required identification, in order to become a candidate for IVGID Trustee. Once this filing takes place, you cannot withdraw. Below is a weblink to their website for more detailed information:


On this webpage, you will find a multitude of downloadable documents and links to give you an informed view of what it takes to be an IVGID Trustee. Enjoy your journey and let us know what you think, how we did, what you need more information on, etc. by sending us an e-mail at with “Yes, I Want to be a Trustee Candidate” in the subject line.

It is our recommendation that you start with the IVGID History followed by the Board of Trustees Handbook – the rest of the exploration is up to you!


State of Nevada and Washoe County