2017 Watermain Replacement and Fire Flow Enhancement Project


Wednesday, May 24, 2017: The Sawtooth Road and Pelton Lane work is almost complete with Paving occurring this week. Expect minor work by IVGID to continue on Sawmill and Pelton.   Selby road work has begun and is expected to be on disinfection test by the end of this week. Work is on schedule to be substantially complete by the middle of June with final Paving by the end of June.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017: Due to weather and unforeseen conditions, progress has slowed.  All water services on Sawmill Rd and Pelton Ln will be tie into the new watermain on Wednesday 5/17/17.  Paving on Sawmill and Pelton is tentatively scheduled for next week, and work will start on Selby Rd. The work on Pine Cone Rd is expected to go last on the project schedule. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017: The new Sawmill Rd watermain passed testing and was put in service.  Presently it feeds only from the Flume Rd end as service tie-ins continue off the old main. The old main is still in service fed from the Pelton End. Once all services are connected to the new main the west end of the new main will be isolated for final tie-in next week.   Please note: Certain customers may be impacted on multiple dates but most should have a single water shut-off.

Monday, May 8, 2017: Disinfection testing will be conducted this week with the possibility of connecting customers to the new system on Thursday. Customers should expect notices 48hrs in advance when water outages are expected.  Work will continue digging service trenches across the roadway.  Final paving is expected to occur last on Sawmill Rd towards the end of the month.


Tuesday, May 2, 2017 - Work continues laying watermain on Sawmill Rd. Once the main line is complete, the contractor will begin to dig out the service lines and conduct disinfection testing.  Expect 48 hour notice for water shutoffs on Sawmill Rd and Pelton Ln in mid-May. Once all lines are connected, a final paving will occur by the end of May. Work will then continue on Pine Cone Rd and Selby Rd through June. Please note: Once IVGID work is complete, other work is expected to continue as part of the Washoe County Projects.


Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - Watermain project work continues in the Mill Creek Area. Excavation & laying of new watermain pipe is in progress on Pelton. The contractors are staging equipment and supplies at the Diamond Peak parking lot now that the resort has closed for the season. 


Friday, April 21, 2017 - Project began in the Mill Creek area, specifically on Sawmill and Pelton using a sawcutter to begin cutting the asphalt. On Monday, April 24, 2017, excavation will begin and they will start laying new watermain pipe. Please be aware of the contractor and personnel in this area. 


Watermain Replacement

Overall Project review:

The Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) currently maintains 90 miles of watermains to deliver safe and reliable potable water to all areas of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. Unfortunately, water infrastructure doesn’t last forever and, as a sub

stantial portion of the District was developed using corrosion and leak prone thin wall steel pipe, the District has a robust annual water main replacement program. Since 1982, the District has replaced approximately 38 miles of steel water mains throughout Incline Village and Crystal Bay at a cost of $17-million, not adjusted for inflation. There is approximately six miles of steel water mains (roughly seven percent of the District’s total water main inventory) still slated for replacement.

The criteria for selecting which watermains are replaced each year are threefold: replace those water mains with the most leaks that are the most challenging to repair and do so in streets with aging pavement. IVGID collaborates with the Washoe County Road Department to ensure failing watermains are replaced in advance of any County project to reconstruct, repave, or slurry the streets. IVGID also works closely with the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District to determine areas where fire flows may not be optimum or additional fire hydrants may be necessary. Doing so ensures that any new water main installed is adequately sized to meet both potable and fire flow capacity requirements. This partnership and focus of fire flow capacity allows the District’s water main replacement projects to qualify for grants from the United States Forest Service (USFS) that support fire fighting infrastructure in the Tahoe Basin. To date, the District has received over $3.5-million in grant funds from the USFS to support fire flow capacity enhancements in Incline Village and Crystal Bay.

When a new watermain is installed, the District utilizes modern materials and industry best practices to ensure the greatest possible design life of the new infrastructure. IVGID Engineering performs the design, engineering, bidding, contract administration, and inspection tasks associated with the project. An outside contractor performs the installation work. This summer, the District will be replacing water mains and installing new fire hydrants on Sawmill Road, Selby Drive, and Pine Cone Road in Incline Village.

The watermain project for 2017 is scheduled to begin Friday, April 21, 2017. The scope of work includes:

Sawmill Road:

  • Replace 1,600 linear feet of 6” steel watermain and 985 linear feet of 8" steel watermain with 8” watermain.
  • Connect to 29 domestic service lines. Remove and replace
  • 3 fire hydrants.

Selby Drive:

  • Replace 970 linear feet 6” of steel watermain with 8”watermain. Connect to 10 domestic service lines.
  • No fire hydrants to be replaced.

Pine Cone Road:
Replace 475 linear feet 6” of steel watermain with 8”watermain. Connect to 6 domestic service lines. Remove and replace 1 fire hydrants.

The work also includes: Installation and connection of air release valves as needed, abandonment of specified lines and valves; traffic control; maintain residential and business driveway access; erosion & sediment controls; pavement repair; replacement of existing features, including vegetation, concrete, and other utilities removed and/or damaged by construction activity; and working within Right of Ways in Incline Village, Washoe County, Nevada.

This work will improve available fire flow capacity in these residential areas, help reduce unaccounted for water loss, and reduce service interruptions to customers and costly pavement patch penalties that result from water leak repair activities.

Construction will take place between April and July, 2017, with normal construction hours Monday - Friday, 7 am - 6 pm, and possibly on Saturdays (if required to expedite the project). Some water shutdowns in the impacted areas will be required during construction. When possible, water outages will be planned during off-peak hours to minimize resident and business impacts. It is the District’s goal to have all water shutdowns not to exceed eight hours and residents will be given 48 hour advanced notice of any water outages. IVGID resources will be available for emergency response if necessary. Specific project details and a final schedule will be determined once a construction contract has been awarded by the District’s Board of Trustees.

Construction impacts to the project areas may include trench excavation and pavement restoration in the streets, driveways, and parking areas. The project is designed to limit the extents and duration of business impacts and any affected property improvements will be restored to pre-construction conditions. We ask parcel owners to please advise your guests or tenants of the upcoming project and encourage anyone to contact IVGID Engineering at 775-832-1267 with any questions or concerns. IVGID will work to ensure minimal impacts to parking access and normal operations.

Some properties may experience temporary discoloration of the water or trapped air in the pipes once the new water main is put on-line and water service is restored. This is to be expected and is standard during water main replacements. IVGID suggests running all cold water taps to clear affected pipes of any sediment. If any customer still experiences problems after 24 hours, please call IVGID’s 24-hour hotline at 775-832-1203.

The District would like to thank the residents of Incline Village and Crystal Bay for their continued support of this critical infrastructure replacement program and for their cooperation and patience throughout the construction of the project. IVGID strives to ensure minimal inconvenience to you as it works to reliably deliver life’s most precious resource – water. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this year’s project or the program in general, please contact IVGID’s Engineering Division at 775-832-1267. Stay tuned to our website Construction Updates page for progress on this project.