From August 9 - 11, players of all levels 3.0 - 5.0 competed in the 39th annual Incline Open tennis tournament, with final matches played on Sunday, August 11. All winners' names will be added to the Incline Open trophy which will be on display at the Incline Village Tennis Center throughout the year. 

“Thank you to our 106 players and employees for your support of the 2019 Incline Open. Special thanks to Randy Berg and Basia Phillips for making this a great event and our amazing sponsors, Incline Boat Storage & Marine, Incline Spirits, and Adrift Tahoe, for making this event possible.” – Shane Goddard, Recreation Manager

2019 Incline Open Tennis Tournament Winners

Men's A Singles: 
Champion: Marc Neulight 
Finalist: Dave Peterson

Men's B Singles: 
Champion: Paul Bruso
Finalist: Parish Palmer

Men's C Singles: 
Champion: Brian Uribe 
Finalist: Jim Ward

Men's B Doubles: 
Champion: Steve Privette/Dave Heidt-Werle
Finalist: Dwayne Catania/Vincent Catania

Men's C Doubles: 
Champion: Bill Simmons/Nick Simmons 
Finalist: Allan Lawrence/Andrew Strolin

Women's B Singles: 
Champion: Jordan Feast
Finalist: Dierdra Landrums

Women's C Singles: 
Champion: Denise Kowal 
Finalist: Lisa Fore

Women's D Singles: 
Champion: Kristy Wertz
Finalist: Sylvia Haro

Women's B Doubles: 
Champion: Jordan Feast/Ingrid Carlson
Finalist: Anne lnda/Lisseth Henderson

Women's C Doubles: 
Champion: Lisa Hauserman/Jen Kerver 
Finalist: Kathie Burke/Libbie Sheldon

Women's D Doubles: 
Champion: Kristy Wertz/Sylvia Haro 
Finalist: Loretta Peterson/Cynthia Marment

Mixed A Doubles:
Champion: Jeffrey Woods/Angella Woods
Finalist: Vincent Catania/Sara Catania

Mixed B Doubles:
Champion: Anne lnda/Hiev Do 
Finalist: Robert Shawhan/Donna Shawhan

Mixed C Doubles:
Champion: Daniel Brady/Jen Kerver 
Finalist: Andrew Strolin/Susan Day

Mixed D Doubles:
Champion: Michael Jordan/Sarah Williams 
Finalist: Don Brown/Cheryl Brown

View the photo album on the Incline Village Tennis Center Facebook Page.