Center Court tennis match

THANK YOU to all of the competitors who came out to play in the 2022 Incline Open Tennis Tournament August 5-7, 2022! After Friday's rain delay pushed things back a day, we rebounded with two incredible days of competition and camaraderie on the courts, tasty food on the deck, and great tennis action. A full gallery of photos are posted to our Facebook Page.

"Mother Nature attempted to cancel our annual  Incline Tennis Open, but with a few scheduling adjustments around rain and the enthusiastic competitive spirit of our participants, we had another successful outing of good tennis and good fun. I want to thank all the participants for good sportsmanship and good attitude as we were able to accommodate the players and complete the matches. Congratulations to all who have participated since the mere fact of competing in our annual competition is honorable, but special recognition must go to those who navigated the tournament and ended up on top." - Basia Phillips

Please see the final tally of this year’s champions in the following categories: 

2022 Incline Open Tennis Tournament Winners

Women's Singles: 
Champion: Trang Huynh
Finalist: Mary Jo Lee

Men's 4.5 Singles: 
Champion: Conner VanAlstyne
Finalist: David Peterson

Men's 4.0 Singles: 
Champion: Gary Owen
Finalist: Siqi Lihu

Men's 3.5 Singles: 
Champion: Jack Conte
Finalist: Jonathon Eisenzopf

Mixed 8.0 Doubles:
Champions: Basia Phillips & Loic Bailly
Finalists: Trang Huynh & Taylor Shiqihara

Mixed 7.0 Doubles:
Champions: Adam Shochat & Victoria Ness
Finalists: Deanna Kietzke & Mike Kietzke

Mixed 6.0 Doubles:
Champions: Duane Catania & Lori Catania
Finalists: Don Brown & Cheryl Brown

Men's 9.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Brenden Kuhlman & Connor Vanalstycn
Finalists: Nate Page & Matt Indewiesche

Men's 8.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Daniel Mathis & Paul Niwano 
Finalists: John Klein & Dan Neilson

Men's 7.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Jeff Green & Thor Spargo 
Finalists: Paul Bruso & Ted Cloward

Women's 8.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Victoria Ness & Adrian Shochat
Finalists: Kelly Chance & Myra Auer

Women's 7.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Basia Phillips & Kari Reed
Finalists: Marci Banes & Amy Engelbert

Women's 6.0 Doubles: 
Champions: Judy Rounds & Johanna Lelke
Finalists: Mallory Snyder & Robin Orr