April 23, 2013 - a cold and blustery day with six foot waves rolling in at Ski Beach. It was on this day that four men decided to brave the elements and test their skills on Incline's lone bocce court, nestled between the pines on the beach. The bitter cold did nothing to deter the banter, and the increased camaraderie brought about by the weather provided for three scintillating games of bocce. 

And thus, the Bocce Boyz were formed.  

From that day forward the Boyz met twice a week, outgrowing the Ski Beach court after their first year, and moving to Spindleshanks in Kings Beach for year two. During year three, the Boyz were forced to move again to accommodate the group’s growth, this time to the three bocce courts at Truckee's Riverside Sports Park.

After five years of lobbying by Bocce Boyz Commissioner Art Schmauder, and recognition by IVGID that bocce was a growing sport which allows all ages to play, the bocce players of Incline Village were rewarded with four beautiful, regulation courts, located adjacent to the Incline Village Recreation Center. These courts are open to the entire community to enjoy. 

No longer do the Boyz need to travel to play outside of Incline. The Bocce Boyz meet every Wednesday at 10am at the Recreation Center courts, weather permitting, and all members of the community are invited to join in and have fun.

men play bocce ball

The availability of Incline's new bocce courts, coupled by the enjoyment experienced by the Boyz, provided impetus for the formation of the Bocce Babes - a ladies group that meets every Tuesday morning at 10am under the direction of Commissioner Julie Ashton. The Bocce Babes were formed in the Spring of 2020 and have grown to 16 regular members since that time. They also welcome new players interested in joining.

If you have played bocce, you know it is an easy game to learn, requiring focus and the ability to make adjustments. The game was originally played by the Romans in 50 B.C., and has since been played throughout the world by players of all ages. 

Please feel free to introduce yourself to either of these groups or play on your own. Bocce balls and rules are located at the Recreation Center's front desk. The boards at the end of each court are there for keeping score. The benches and planters are provided for your comfort and enjoyment as a result of a fundraising effort - through Incline Tahoe Foundation and the Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation - by the Bocce Boyz, Bocce Babes, and family and friends of local players to whom bocce was a passion.

For information on Bocce Ball Court rentals visit the Bocce Ball Park page or contact the Recreation Center at 775-832-1310. 


This article was written by Ken Hubbard and originally appeared in the April 2023 IVGID Magazine. View this issue and other issues on the IVGID Magazine page.