Improve your swing from the ground up

Now that we are heavily into the winter months, it is a good time to focus on swing changes and ways we think about the golf swing in general. One thing that has been proven through science is that every good ball striker, regardless of what their swing looks like, starts every forward swing from the ground up.  Now by that I mean the hips rotate then the mid-section or torso of the body, which swings the arms that eventually, propels the club through ball.  Every great ball striker has a distinct bell curve that shows this.  Unfortunately, most golfers also have a bell curve but it is opposite of the way it should be, therefore limiting the number of solid and consistent shots. 

Below are a few photos and explanations of how to practice to clear your hips and produce more solid shots. 

golf tip darren

  • Set-up: Grip down half way on the club and move a little closer to the ball.
  • Mid-swing: Very little lower body movement on the way back. Notice how the hands are only halfway back, not to the top like a normal swing.
  • Follow Through: Level hips and torso facing the target. Left leg is straight and body posture is erect with shoulders level as well. Notice how the hands have not finished high and the lower body has provided the force to hit the ball.  Hips are high and level.

You can get some practice in or even take a lesson this winter at the Championship Golf Shop. Our FlightScope X2 Elite launch monitor and indoor hitting net are setup in the Championship Golf Shop for virtual golf and lessons during the off-season.

This tip was provided by Darren Howard, Director of Golf at the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips. 

(winter 2020)