The Robert & Robin Holman Family Bike Park offers a pump track, beginner and intermediate flow lines, and jumps. All ages and skill levels are welcome. Parking and bathrooms are available at the Incline Village Recreation Center at 980 Incline Way, Incline Village. For updates and more information, visit the Incline Parks & Recreation Facebook page. 


  • Helmets are required
  • Please respect rain/snow/maintenance closures of the park (help keep our dirt ridable by staying off of it when it's wet)
  • Please obey all posted signs and rules
  • The bike park is open during daylight hours


Incline Bike Park Project seeks to share its passion for cycling amongst the active outdoor community in Incline Village, Nevada, by building a sustainable recreation asset, one which aligns with the healthy living of Incline Village.


Incline Bike Park Project’s mission is to provide a free-to-use bike park facility that welcomes all ages and skill levels to a safe, outdoor, healthy, family friendly community gathering venue. Incline Bike Park Project is dedicated to building a full spectrum riding experience that will unite the world class recreational riding experiences around Lake Tahoe.


A group of community committed Tahoe cycling enthusiasts who have created a not for profit organization in partnership with Incline-Tahoe Parks and Recreation Vision Foundation & Incline Tahoe Foundation.

Incline Bike Park History

In early 2014, Incline Bike Project (IBP) was formed by an enthusiastic and interested group of Incline Village/Crystal Bay residents, in partnership with the Incline Tahoe Foundation (ITF), a 501(c)3 entity to facilitate fundraising to design and construct a community bike park.

Bike parks, or pump tracks are becoming increasingly popular. It is a park with a continuous loop of dirt berms and “rollers” (smooth dirt mounds) that you ride without pedaling. The origins are rooted from the hardpack BMX trails of the 1970/1980s. In the early 2000s, a group of Australian downhill racers designed and developed the first pump track. A pump track builds confidence, strength, balance, and bike handling skills – not to mention it provides great social benefits. They are safe and fun to ride for all ages and skill levels.

Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) and IBP collaborated and proposed a project plan to build a community Bike Park. Discussions began with IVGID on the nature of the project and the roles IBP and ITF would play in funding the construction, maintenance, and site location. IBP was directed to collect more information on the feasibility of the plan including identifying a site location with amenities and infrastructure to support the project. 

In the fall of 2015, preliminary design and permitting evaluation began. Two viable sites were evaluated and the location between the Tennis Center and Incline Way was selected for its high capability buildable lands, site elevation, and existing vegetation which would help screen and reduce visual impacts of the bike park improvements. Additionally, the site has no impacts to any potential future expansion of the Recreation Center. 

During the April 2016 Capital Improvement Program Budget tour, the IVGID Board of Trustees toured the selected site, and in May 2016, IVGID Board of Trustees approved the 2016/2017 Capital Improvement Program Budget with a $50,000 project to support construction of the pump track bike park and $20,000 for permit and design. It is projected the total construction costs could be in excess of $200,000. To date, ITF has received $26,000, from a few community members and just through word of mouth, for the bike park that they want to see the come to life.

In the fall 2016, the conceptual design of the project was completed and presented to the IVGID Board of Trustees and the community for review, consideration, and comment. 

IVGID hired Dirtsculpt, X-Games Bike park builders, to develop the preliminary and permit design plans. IVGID, IBP and Dirtsculpt conducted a site visit in March 2016 to become familiar with the site, inspect materials, discuss project goals and objectives as well as the site-specific opportunities and constraints. Dirtsculpt developed the bike park plan set consisting of a large and small bike pump track and three separate jump lines that vary in technical capabilities from beginner to expert. 

PR Design was hired to complete a detailed site layout plan, stormwater BMP plan, and details, to begin the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency permitting process. IVGID will use the approved, permitted plans to contract for the construction of the pump track bike park.

In December 2016, the IVGID Board of Trustees directed staff to prepare a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for partnership with IBP/ITF to maintain the bike park in Incline Village. Consistent with District’s Strategic Plan, Long Range Principle 5 - Assets and Infrastructure - The District will practice perpetual asset renewal, replacement and improvement to provide safe and superior long-term utility services and recreation activities. IVGID will maintain, renew, expand and enhance District infrastructure to meet the capacity needs and desires of the community for future generations. With the involvement of IBP/ITF and potential private funding for the project, this project received higher priority per IVGID Capital Planning Policy. 12.1.0., 3.2.3. Priority 3 are new Initiative projects that create new amenities that are wanted by the community and will be funded by new sources. The MOU was adopted by the IVGID Board of Trustees on February 24, 2017. 

IBP’s project mission is to provide a free facility that welcomes all ages, skill levels, and provides a safe outdoor, healthy, family friendly, community venue. IBP is dedicated to building a sustainable, full spectrum riding experience to unite the world-class recreational riding from around Lake Tahoe.

The Bike Park plans were submitted to and approved by the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. IVGID bid the project when funding was secured. 

After the Holman family stepped up as a major donor to facilitate construction of Phase 1, the Robert & Robin Holman Family Bike Park officially opened to the community in October 2017 and has been open whenever conditions allow ever since.

About the Incline Tahoe Foundation: Recognizing the decreasing availability of traditional funding streams, the Incline-Tahoe Foundation was established as a Non-Profit 501(c)3 in January 2010, to provide an alternative funding strategy for the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Community. Believing that public parks, recreation programs and facilities of quality and diversity are more important now than in any time in our history, it is the foundation’s goal to improve and sustain healthy community recreation & wellness opportunities through charitable contributions. For more information or to make a charitable contribution, please contact (775) 298-0299, or email: