Bear Shed Incentive Program

IVGID Public Works is pleased to announce the Bear Shed Rebate Program has been reestablished with dedicated funding for the new fiscal year 2017/18.   IVGID would like to help our residents in protecting our environment so we have a rebate program available for a $150 credit towards the IVGID Public Works bill.  

Rebates valued at $150 are available for Single Family and Multi-Family Homes (without dumpster trash service) which are installed by an approved metal bear box vendor on their property after July 1, 2017. 

Interested participants must file an application before installation of the bear shed. The shed must be installed within 60 days of customer filing of the rebate application.

Questions? Call IVGID Waste Not at 775-832-1284 or email:

Installing a Bear Shed (Garbage Can Enclosure)

If you are looking into installing a bear shed in Incline Village or Crystal Bay, we strongly suggest you consider the following before you begin:

  • Size: Choose the right size shed. All your putrescible trash (food waste and non-recyclable packaging) must fit in the shed easily, for it to be effective. Sheds come in sizes to fit from 1 to 3 (32 gallon) cans.
  • Location: The container must be placed on private property. The ideal location is 12 to 20 feet from the edge of pavement (curb), with easy access for trash collection service. Sheds cannot be located over utility service easements, nor in the public right-of-way.
  • Right of way: In Incline/Crystal Bay, the public right-of-way varies from 3 to 30 or more feet, so, you must be certain the shed is located on your own property. A revocable encroachment permit is granted from Washoe County for sheds that are 12 feet or greater from the edge of pavement, call for assistance with problem locations.
  • Help with bear shed location: In Incline/Crystal Bay, Waste Not (775-832-1284), Washoe County Roads Department (775-832-4125) and Waste Management (775-831-2971) can provide assistance in the site location for your shed. Local vendors of the sheds will also assist homeowners in box placement selection.
  • Serviceability: Locations further than 20 feet from the edge of pavement (curb) are subject to an additional monthly house service fee from Waste Management. Sheds must be cleared of vehicles and snow in winter. Waste Management has the right to refuse to collect from a location which is inaccessible.

Bear sheds are available for purchase from several vendors locally although IVGID does not endorse any particular manufacturer.

Waste Not can provide free bear shed location assistance. Simply contact us at 775-832-1284 if you have questions.