Effluent Export Pipeline Project - 2524SS2010

Environmental Assessment
IVGID Effluent Pipeline Phase 2 Replacement Project September 2023

Effluent Pipeline Project FONZI- Finding of No Significant Impact

UpdateProject update: 10/23/23
The export line was back to full pressure and operation following the successful tie-on of another 2,100LF of pipe for the final phase of GMP1. This brings the total to approximately 5,400LF of new ductile pipe in operation!
This represents about 250+ original pipe joints that have been replaced, so IVGID has eliminated significant potential liability!
Again, the IVGID treatment plant and pipeline crews put in the long/early hours to facilitate the shutdown and draining of the existing line to support the Granite Construction efforts.  Some hard days and contractual tension along the way, but overall the end result is 100% of the scope on-line and valuable information now in hand to guide GMP2 confidently.
Some incidental and cleanup work remain with final mill & overlay and re-striping of the AC scheduled 10/23-10/25, weather permitting.

Updated 7/24/23 - SUCCESS!

On Monday, June 19th the new pipeline was pressure tested and passed the pressure test!

On the morning of Wednesday, June 21st at 12:30 am the pipeline was back in operation after Granite tied in the new section of the pipeline approximately 2,200 LF to the existing pipeline. Crews began work at 5 am Tuesday, June 20th and continued until the pipeline was back in operation. I would like to thank our Public Works Engineering, Plant Operations, and Pipeline Teams who planned and prepared ahead of time for the shutdown and without their good work this wouldn't happen. This planning was led by Hudson Klein and Jim Youngblood with great input from all the staff. I so enjoy working with this awesome Public Works TEAM!

This also wouldn't happen without the planning and great effort by the Granite Team who worked tirelessly for 18 hours to make the two tie-ins. I appreciate their leadership and dedication to this project. They will continue to work through next week to install the additional 1,000 feet of pipe that is scheduled for this time period of work.

We are now out of the way of the NDOT which is a big success as well and I appreciate NDOT affording us the time to relocate our pipeline so that their drainage work may begin.

Lastly, thank you to the community for their patience and participation on Tuesday, June 20th by dialing back the water usage and the resulting lower flow to the (WRRF) Water Resource Recovery Facility.

This is a huge milestone for the project!

The project began Monday, April 24, 2023.

The replacement project proposed to replace the remaining Segment 3 pipeline (13,700 linear feet) and all of the Segment 2 Pipeline (16,300 linear feet) beginning at the Spooner Pump Station and continuing south along SR‐28. These are the only remaining stretches of EEP along the east shore of Lake Tahoe that has not been replaced. Segment 3 experienced significant leaks in 2009 and 2014, and subsequent investigations confirmed progressive corrosion of this bell and spigot pipe with wholesale replacement required. A conditional assessment of Segment 2 determined that there is significant corrosion along this segment as well and full replacement is needed. 

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For questions regarding this project please email: communications@ivgid.org