Effluent Export Pipeline Project - 2524SS2010

The immediate priority is to replace all of the remaining Segment 3 pipeline (12,385 linear feet) and to make immediate repairs to the Segment 2 pipeline (17,314 linear feet) to extend its life and mitigate the possibility of future leaks.

Download the Project Summary data sheet (PDF)

At the January 28, 2021 Board of Trustees Meeting, Trustees approved a Construction Manager-At-Risk (CMAR) pre-construction contract to Granite Construction., whose first tasks are to review background material, prepare a Findings Memorandum, and participate in selection of a Design Engineer. The CMAR Design Team has been working on the Preliminary Design Report and 30% design. The main focus of the report is to identify all potential pipe materials, viable pipe replacement methods, development of a risk register, and rough construction costs. An update to the Board of Trustees is scheduled for February 23, 2022.

Project Update - Effluent Export Line Project