There are many things you need to do at the start of the golf season in order to make it a successful year. First of all you need to evaluate your equipment. This step involves determining if it is time to get some new golf clubs - maybe some new wedges, irons, a driver, or a complete set - because there is no better time to update your clubs than the beginning of the golf season. If you need help with an evaluation or how to make a purchase, the golf professionals at the Championship Course Golf Shop can help you get the correct equipment for you.

neil gunn teaches a chipping lesson on the green

Maybe you just need to get new grips for your existing clubs. Also part of your equipment is your golf attire, and you need to be prepared for the early season cool weather. You don’t want lots of layers and heavy coats. These days, many companies have light thermal wear to keep you warm while not restricting your flexibility. There are warm weather gloves you can wear as well. A new bag might also be needed or just nice to have.

Next you should set some goals for your play this season, whether that means overall game improvement, getting better in specific situations (e.g. putting from  distance), or even fitness goals that will allow you to enjoy the game more. The teaching professionals here at the Incline Village Golf Courses are dedicated to helping you improve your game through private instruction and/or clinics. Maybe you want to join a local golf club as a way to play more golf and meet new friends.

Preparing your body early will help with your flexibility and also helps avoid injury. Get in the habit of doing some golf-specific warm ups and stretching exercises before every practice session and round of golf this year. Yoga and Pilates are also excellent for your golf swing efficiency and overall health.

Set aside time to practice your golf swing. Just playing golf doesn’t make your swing better. Dedicated positive practice time helps you improve your technique, which gives you more confidence on the course. Remember that 70% of the game is within 100 yards to the pin so that should be 70% of your practice time.

By taking these steps you can enjoy a great season.


This tip was provided by Neil Gunn, PGA Teaching Professional at the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips. (2021 Season)