Mental toughness - it can be the difference between a frustrating day on the golf course and a great day on the course. Having a pre-shot and post-shot routine is one of the best ways to get your mind in a place to find the consistency we all are striving for on the golf course. ashley wood prepares for a tee shot at the incline village mountain course in north lake tahoe

Routines create habits, habits create consistency. Golf can be very dynamic, and many factors are not in our control; however, our emotions and readiness to hit can be under our control. 

You don’t have to be robotic about your pre-shot routine, you just want to make sure you are physically and mentally prepared for your shot each time. 

"A good routine gives your mind a specific and creative job. It keeps your mind occupied with something productive instead of letting it fill up with tension and worry about the consequences of a bad shot." - From Imagine Golf's 7-Day Series on Own Your Game by Dave Stockton. This app is a great listening tool. 

Next time you are on the range, think about some of the tough tee shots or approach shots to the green you might find on the course. Visualize what you want the ball to do and what you want to do; then take a few breaths to calm your nerves and swing away.

Keep it positive and keep it consistent. Your mind will be less distracted by negative thoughts and nerves. Practice with a purpose, and you will see results on the golf course a lot sooner! 

Ashley Wood, PGA  

Head of Player Development, Incline Village Golf Academy


This tip was provided by Ashley Wood, PGA -  Head of Player Development for the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips or check out the Golf Academy page for lesson rates and bookings.