On Par 3 holes, generally we have the toughest time getting par as a score, because we only have one full swing chance to hit the green. We have more chances on a par 4 or par 5 to make up for a bad tee shot. To optimize your chances at a good tee shot, start with aiming at the center of the green directionally. Eliminated aiming at a left or right pin position. By aiming at the middle we have more forgiveness left or right with directional errors off of our tee shot. champ 14 hole

As far as the right club to choose, start by noting the pin position and choose the club that delivers the distance without having to hit a perfect shot, or your best ever. If the pin is a front pin, choose a club that would go the distance to the middle of green comfortably, so that if you miss hit it a little bit you could be close to pin and if you hit it perfectly you will be putting from middle of green. If the pin is in the middle, choose a comfortable club that will give you the correct distance and you have forgiveness short and long of the hole. With a back pin, the mistake would be long and over the green so pick a club that would have to be hit perfect for the back pin position but maximizes your yardage. This way a less than perfect shot lands short but still should give you a putt from front or middle of the green. Remember that you are basing you distances with clubs off of your average yardage not your best ever and that should keep you in a good rhythm and tempo which we all know usually produces the best contact on the ball.

This tip was provided by Neil Gunn, PGA Incline Village Golf Academy at the Incline Village Championship Golf Course. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips. 

(2017 Golf Season)