Lower Your Score with Putting Practice (Part 1) 

putting grip

"A man who can't putt is a match for no one, a man who can is a match for anyone," said the wise coach, Harvey Penick, and I truly believe it. We all should be good putters. This is the fastest and easiest way to lower your scores, but it does take practice. Here are a few basic putting tips and drills to help you work on this essential part of the golf game:

  • Grip - Place your hands on the club with your palms facing each other. Allow the "lifeline" of your left hand to fit on the putter grip near the top of the handle. With the putter grip in the lifeline, this will help eliminate excess wrist movement. 
  • Alignment – After your grip is perfect, aim your clubface at your target and rest the putter head on the ground, directly behind the ball. Position your eyes over the ball and down the target line. Imagine a vertical straight line from your eyes, down to your ball and a horizontal line across to the hole. Set your shoulders, hips, knees and feet parallel to the target line. 
  • Rhythm - Rhythm is very important, short putts should have short swings and long putts should have long swings. The backswing should take the same amount of time as the forward swing. It should be a smooth and equal movement, do not go slow back and fast forward. Keep your head still through the entire stroke.

Putting is the easiest part of the game to practice. Bring your putter and some balls down to the Incline Village Championship or Mountain Course putting greens to practice and improve your putting. 

This tip was provided by Rob Dugan, PGA Teaching Professional at the Incline Village Golf Courses. Visit the Golfing Tips page for more tips. 

(2018 Golf Season)