IVGID Magazine Fall/Winter 2023 Fall 2023 edition

What's inside...

  • Welcome Message from Susan Herron
  • Preliminary Notes From Reader Survey
  • Aquatics
  • Youth Camps Photo Review
  • Youth & Adult Sports
  • Active Adult & Senior Programs
  • Incline Village Recreation Center
  • Beach Ambassador Program
  • Incline Open Photo Review
  • Tennis & Pickleball Center
  • Incline Village Golf Courses
  • The Grille at the Chateau
  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort
  • Capital Improvement Project Updates
  • IVGID's Board of Trustees
  • Incline Village Job Opportunities
  • Staff Spotlights
  • Incline Village Library Updates
  • Incline Village/Crystal Bay Neighborhood Map
  • Heart of Incline Village Map

Update: The Tahoeberfest event mentioned on page 20 of the magazine has since been canceled.

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Welcome message from Susan Herron

Hello everyone!

As the Director of Administrative Services, I want to say that it has always been, and continues to be, an honor to be of service to the communities of Incline Village and Crystal Bay. It is also a pleasure to work with a group of people who are dedicated, talented and genuinely care about our community.

As a longtime resident of Incline Village - 25 years and counting - I am very proud to be an IVGID employee. When I arrived in Incline Village, I knew no one. Gradually, I began meeting people and became friends with a lovely IVGID employee named Ronnie Rector. I wasn’t looking for a job as I had a wonderful job at the time, but Ronnie kept on saying to me “Come join IVGID – you will love it.”

Well, it took almost five years before I joined the team, and every single day since I am glad I did (a big thanks to Ronnie!). I have made lifelong friends, got acquainted with a number of community members, and am happy to be of service to each and every one of them.

But public service is not without its challenges. There are some in the community who might not see the value of the service me and my co-workers provide. And to that point, I say it’s ok – we will keep delivering services to you in a professional manner and strive to treat you like all of the District’s customers, with respect and dignity. The District’s value statement is “We are dedicated people providing quality service, for our community and environment, with integrity and teamwork,” and our Mantra is “One District – One Team.”

Some would call them simply words on paper, but many in the community, myself included, understand that without dedicated people and quality services, this might not be a place worth living. And to the “One District – One Team” mantra, my teammates, every single one of them, come to work with the attitude and mindset of doing a great job for everyone we serve.

We are creative individuals who partner – in compliance with the District’s rules, regulations and statutes – with community agencies and organizations to deliver superior services that rival or surpass those of other communities. There have been times when the journey has been full of surprises, twists and turns, just like any good ride; but each and every time, the Staff of IVGID has remained steady, strong and constant.  

Public service isn’t for the faint of heart – it requires grit, determination and a supportive environment in which to thrive. We have recently lost key employees with a ton of history and knowledge who will be hard to replace; however, I remain hopeful that we will turn the corner to a kinder, more compassionate environment. And I know, when we replace harshness with kindness and gratitude, we discover which feels better.

Susan Herron,
IVGID Director of Administrative Services