IVGID Magazine Winter 2023-24 edition2023-24 Winter edition

What's inside...

  • Welcome Message from Mike Bandelin
  • Diamond Peak Ski Resort
  • Where in the World is Lila Lapanja this Winter
  • Last Tracks Wine & Beer Tastings
  • Diamond Peak 2023-24 Signature Events
  • Trail of Treats & Terror Photo Recap
  • Aquatics
  • Beaches: Puppy Plunge & Off-Season Dog Policy
  • Personal Trainer Profile & Tip
  • Active Adult & Senior Programs
  • Line Dancing at the Recreation Center
  • Incline Village Recreation Center
  • Youth & Adult Sports
  • Incline Village Golf Courses
  • Capital Improvement Project Updates
  • Holiday Tree Recycling Options
  • Incline Village Job Opportunities
  • Staff Spotlights
  • IVGID's Board of Trustees
  • Incline Village/Crystal Bay Neighborhood Map
  • Heart of Incline Village Map

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Welcome message from Mike Bandelin

Winter is back again, and with it the beginning of another fun ski season at your community-owned ski resort, Diamond Peak.

This year there’s been quite a bit of hype around the “super El Niño” event that’s going to affect global weather patterns this winter, and what it might mean for snowfall in the Tahoe region. Of course, we’re hopeful that we will see a similar alignment of moisture sources and cold air that brought so much snow to our slopes last winter; but only time will tell whether we’re blessed with another record-setting snowfall season.

In the meantime, our mountain operations team is doing everything they can to ensure quality conditions on the slopes during our early season. The snowmakers have been working non-stop whenever temperatures and conditions are right, cranking out piles of machine-made snow to provide a base layer that will augment what Mother Nature provides; and our grooming crew have been hard at work nightly, sculpting that snow into perfect corduroy for all of us to carve turns on during the daytime. 

We’re very proud of our snowmaking and grooming expertise, which comes from over 50 years of experience doing both right here in Incline Village. It’s a little-known fact that Diamond Peak (then known as Ski Incline) opened its doors in 1966 with the very first snowmaking system in the western United States. And since those days, we’ve continually invested in snowmaking upgrades to ensure we can cover up to 75% of our developed terrain with man-made snow when necessary.

Of course, big piles of artificial snow don’t do anyone any good unless we have the groomers to push those piles out and transform them into skiable/rideable surfaces for us to enjoy, which is why our snowmaking investments are continually matched by upgrades to our grooming fleet, including a brand new PistenBully 600 W winch cat this winter. Given the number of steep groomers our snow surfaces crew maintains on a nightly basis, the more powerful and more-efficient new winch cat will be a tremendous addition to the fleet of snowcats and expert operators that are employed to keep our corduroy fresh and clean.

But all of that is just what our guests here at Diamond Peak expect - perfect corduroy and gorgeous views are a given! New and returning guests will also notice the newly-remodeled Base Lodge Provisions food court in the Main Lodge. On the surface, you’ll see new counters, new recessed lighting, new paint, and more energy efficient drink coolers in the food court. What you might not notice is all of the changes we’ve made behind-the-scenes in the kitchen area to improve the food prep and storage areas for greater efficiency and safety. You can read more about these upgrades in the Major Capital Improvements section of this magazine.

While it’s great to highlight what’s new at the resort each year, one thing I’m very proud of is what’s not new this season - namely, our management staff at Diamond Peak. Each season, we strive for and achieve a high-level of overall staff retention, which is never easy given the seasonal nature of our business. And this year, I’m very proud to say that all of our top-level managers at the resort are returning employees - many of whom have been with us for many years. In an industry that tends to churn through good people quickly, the fact that Diamond Peak manages to hold onto our talented employees year after year is a testament to the culture we’re constantly trying to build here at our community-owned resort.

So, whether this is your first year in Incline Village, or you’ve been a regular on our slopes since we were called “Ski Incline,” we can’t wait to see YOU again this winter! Please say hello and share your Diamond Peak story when you see me out on the slopes this season.

Mike Bandelin,
Diamond Peak General Manager & Interim IVGID General Manager