Tennis lovers naturally want their kids to love tennis but it takes a special approach for most children to embrace and love tennis. Tennis, like all sports, takes time to learn, but it is a lifelong sport that can be enjoyed for the rest of their lives.

Tennis is a great sport for kids because it helps develop agility, balance and coordination. On the mental side, a junior player can learn decision-making, staying calm under pressure and how to compete. Here are some tips to get your kids excited about tennis:

  1. Make it fun: You don’t want to throw them into complex drills or they may get frustrated and burnout. First, demonstrate and explain how the ball makes contact with the racket to encourage hand eye coordination. Then, let them try hitting and volleys. Let them watch you and chase balls to burn off some of that excess energy!
  2. Keep it short and sweet: Praise generously when you’re teaching or playing with your kids so they don’t get discouraged. Allow them to experiment and play spontaneously.
  3. Get the right gear: As a general rule, the appropriate size racket length for your child is the distance from their finger tips to the ground when standing upright with their arms at their sides. Get some beginner tennis balls too as they are larger and bounce lower. These balls are slower so they are easier to hit for kids or beginners.
  4. Enroll them in lessons: Our experienced Tennis Pros offer several programs like the Junior All Star/Quick Start Clinics (ages 3-12) and USTA Quick Start Youth Tennis Camps (ages 6-12). These programs help kids build a good foundation and have fun through age-appropriate drills and activities.