Access to IVGID Beaches (Ski Beach, Incline Beach and Burnt Cedar) is restricted to IVGID Picture Pass holders, their guests, and Punch Card holders with beach access. 

The Ski Beach Boat Launch can be accessed by IVGID Picture Pass or Punch Card holders for launching boats and jet skis. Daily and Season Watercraft Launch passes for boats and jet skis are available to IVGID Picture Pass holders at both the Ski Beach Gate and Parks & Recreation Counter (980 Incline Way).

Ski Beach has a boat launching facility, picnic areas, a bocce ball court and volleyball court. A creek runs through Ski Beach with lush grassy areas and trees to provide leisurely shady walks. There are kayak/canoe storage rentals and an easily accessible boat ramp.  You can even click here to view the ski ramp web cam that’s updated every five minutes until sunset!  The Ski Beach gate is hosted from 7:00 am - 8:00 pm daily during the summer season.   

The Ski Beach Boat Ramp Noevember Boat Launching

Beginning Friday, Noevember 1st, reservations for launching from Ski Beach must be made 24 hours in advance by calling (775) 832-1310. Boat launch hours are only available between 7:00am - 4:00pm. 

Vessel must have a valid Lake Tahoe, Fallen leaf lake, or Echo lake seal and a current Tahoe in/out or only sticker.  Must have valid beach access to IVGID Beaches.

For more information on the seal inspection program, please visit

Conditions - Ski Beach Boat Launch Web Cam & Forecast

Lake Tahoe water level and wave conditions vary. Boaters are encouraged to know and understand water level and wave conditions and the impact on safe boat launching or retrieval before using the Ski Beach Boat Ramp. The Ski Beach web cam is updated every 5 minutes until sunset.

Play the time lapse below



Forecast from the National Weather Service


The IVGID Boat Ramp at Ski Beach has been following the TRPA Code Amendments adopted at the TRPA Governing Board meeting on September 24, 2008 and updated on January 25, 2012, that require all boats entering Lake Tahoe be inspected and sealed by a Certified Invasive Species Inspector. IVGID is determined to do it’s part to try and keep Quagga Mussels, Zebra Mussels and New Zealand Mud Snails out of Lake Tahoe. Please visit for inspection locations, hours, fees, etc. 

Beginning with the opening of the ramp on May 1 and through October 31, following the ramp schedule adjusted for weather conditions, a seal inspector will be on-site 7 days per week available at the Ski Beach Ramp for those boats who have an intact boat seal. Those boats requiring a full inspection will be rerouted to official TRPA Inspection stations – the nearest being at Spooner Summit and there is one near the entrance to Northstar. View watercraft information: 

Watercraft Launch Passes

Season Watercraft Launch passes for boats and jet skis are available to IVGID Picture Pass holders at both the Ski Beach Gate and Parks & Recreation Counter.  Daily launch passes are also available to IVGID Picture Pass and Punch Card holders at the Ski Beach Gate and Parks & Recreation Counter.  Passes go on sale April 21 and are good through October 31, 2019.  A current vessel registration is required with an application.  Please call (775) 832-1310 for more information. 

Daily Watercraft Launch Pass

Vehicle w/Trailer (Boat & Jet Ski):  $18 ($21 July 1-4, 2019)

*Daily Beach and Boat Launch passes are non-refundable.

Season Watercraft Launch Pass

In order to purchase a season pass, please go to the Ski Beach kiosk or Parks & Recreation Counter and bring your valid IVGID Picture pass, current permanent vessel registration in the Resident's name, current driver’s license and complete an application.
Vehicle w/Trailer (Boat & Jet Ski):  $160 

Watercraft Rules & Regulations for Ski Beach

Rules and Regulations