The Incline Village General Improvement District (IVGID) manages four restricted-access beaches within Incline Village, Nevada, for the use of IVGID Recreation Pass and Recreation Punch Card holders (with beach access), and their guests. Please review the access rules, restrictions, and daily access rates for IVGID-managed beaches on the Incline Village Beaches page.

Watercraft Launching

Staff will continue to follow protocols that are designed for the safety of the boating community and their property as well as being in compliance with the TRPA boat launching criteria for protecting the environmental health of Lake Tahoe. It is the individual’s responsibility to determine conditions and whether it is advisable to launch, recover, or use the boat ramp for any reason.  Please note that watercraft deemed unsafe to launch by staff will be asked to launch elsewhere. By use of the boat ramp the individual is agreeing to release and hold harmless IVGID, it officers, agents, and employees from any and all claims, demands, or liability of any kind. For more information or questions about boat launching at the Ski Beach Boat Ramp please call 775.832.1330. 

The Ski Beach Boat Ramp is not open to the public; it can only be accessed by IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card holders. Please be courteous and patient with the Boat Ramp attendants and Beach staff who are there for your safety and support.

Boat Ramp Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation: 7:00am - 8:00pm

All individuals must have beach access in the form of an IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card

Watercraft Launch Rates

Boat Launching OptionsPricing
Round-Trip Ramp Use$25
One-Way Ramp Use$15
Annual Watercraft Launch Pass (Valid May 1 - April 30)$250
2023 Tahoe Only Sticker*

*must have an intact Lake Tahoe inspection seal
Daily Guest Admission Ratesview admission rates

Click here for the Annual Watercraft Launch Pass application form. This form must be presented to the Ski Beach kiosk or the Rec Center front counter alongside your current vessel registration before payment can be taken. Annual Watercraft Passes for 2024 go on sale May 1, 2024. 

New Watercraft Self-Retrieval Cards

This year we are implementing a watercraft self-retrieval card. This card will allow you to retrieve your vessel without needing to pay for another launch. After paying the initial fee to launch your watercraft, the host will hand you a self-retrieval card to utilize for your pull out. You can keep this card in your vehicle and when arriving at the booth to retrieve, present the card and your IVGID Pass to the host and you can retrieve your vessel free of charge. IVGID Pass holders who do not have a watercraft retrieval card will be assessed a one-way $15 ramp use fee.

Know Before You Go video tips for summer 2023:

Download the Tahoe Boating App from the TRPA website.

Ski Beach Boat Launch Web Cam & Forecast


View the "recreational report" for Lake Tahoe from the National Weather Service

Lake Tahoe's water level and wave conditions vary. Boaters are encouraged to know and understand water level and wave conditions and the impact on safe boat launching or retrieval before using the Ski Beach Boat Ramp.

Aquatic Invasive Species Inspections Required

IVGID is determined to do its part to keep Quagga Mussels, Zebra Mussels, New Zealand Mud Snails, and other aquatic invasive species out of Lake Tahoe. All watercrafts entering Lake Tahoe must have an intact Lake Tahoe inspection seal in order to launch. If your watercraft is not sealed, you will not be allowed to launch and must visit an inspection station to have a Tahoe Resource Conservation District inspector inspect your vessel. Please visit for inspection locations, hours, fees, etc. 

Non-motorized watercraft can also carry invasive species into the lake. All watercraft capable of retaining water that are using Nevada waters are required to display an Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) decal. Click here for more information on AIS decals. To learn more about how to protect the lake and keep your vessel CLEAN, DRAIN, and DRY visit the Tahoe Keepers webpage.

Watercraft Launching Rules & Regulations*

  1. Any vehicle with a watercraft entering the Ski Beach facility must have a valid annual launching pass or the user must be eligible to purchase daily ramp-use at the Ski Beach gate.
  2. Access to the boat ramp shall be by valid IVGID Recreation Pass, Recreation Punch Card, or Daily Beach Fee (must be present with IVGID Recreation Pass or Recreation Punch Card holder) for each individual. All boat riders must gain access by one of the above methods.
  3. Boat registration must be on the vehicle at all times and must be presented to District staff for verification if requested when using District-owned facilities.
  4. The vehicular traffic areas within Ski Beach (watercraft launching facility) are designated loading zones for watercraft launching and retrieval only. Any parking of vehicles and/or trailers in these areas is strictly prohibited at all times.
  5. The east side of the boat ramp is reserved for personal non-motorized watercraft (kayaks, canoes, small sailboats, etc.).
  6. The District may close the boat ramp to launching at its discretion without notice.
  7. A 5 mph speed limit exists inside of the larger white buoys and within 200 feet of designated swim areas.
  8. All powered watercraft must stay 100 feet from any person in the water.
  9. Overnight mooring is prohibited.
  10. As prescribed in the general Beach Rules and Regulations, pets are not allowed on beach properties except at Ski Beach from October 15 – April 15. Pets may be transferred from car to boat only when launching and leaving the beach area.
  11. Swimming or wading is not allowed within the boat or personal watercraft use area.
  12. All watercraft muffler systems must be in compliance with state and federal noise level standards.
  13. All watercraft must be operated in a safe and courteous manner at all times.
  14. Storing of flammables is prohibited on the District-owned beach properties. No refueling shall take place on the property.
  15. All watercraft are subject to inspection and must follow current TRPA inspection regulations.
  16. Any use of the boat launching ramp or beaches for commercial purposes, unless authorized by the District, is prohibited.
  17. It is not advisable to use the boat-launching ramp when high wind conditions exist on the lake. Use under any conditions is at the risk of the participant.
  18. The District reserves the right to remove individuals from the beaches and boat launching facility should these rules or regulations be violated in any way. The District and its agents shall also have the authority to revoke recreation privileges in accordance with rules established by the District in Ordinance No. 7 (Recreation Pass Policy).

*Standard watercraft rules updated 7/19/2022. Subject to change

Water Safety - Boating & Swimming Safety in Lake Tahoe

Whatever your sport of choice is on the lake, please educate yourself about the colder temperatures of Lake Tahoe and check the weather before you head out. The North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District has provided some great tips and reminders in this "Boat Smart. Swim Smart" article.