IVGID's Compliance department works with property owners to ensure public health and safety through the Public Works Ordinances. They perform plan review on water and sewer projects, grease trap inspections, trash violation investigations, and backflow inspections. Answers for many of the questions we receive are found in the FAQ page.  


The backflow program was created as a requirement by the State of Nevada, under NAC 445A.67185.  Our backflow program was approved by the State in 2002 and this program helps to ensure safe potable water for residents.  Backflow devices are required on systems such as irrigation, hydronic heat and fire sprinklers and the device must be tested on an annual basis.   


Residential homes need to make sure they are not putting fats, oils and grease (FOG) down their drains.  These items can cause sewer backups into a home and lead to costly maintenance in the sewer infrastructure.  FOG should be collected in a can or jar and then be disposed of in the trash.  Reusable grease cans and heat resistant plastic liners are also available at the Public Works office for residents.

The Compliance department also works with businesses to ensure that grease traps or interceptors are installed and cleaned on regular intervals. 


The Compliance department works with commerical and HOA's to inspect properties who need dumpster enclosures per Ordinance 1 requirements.

Plan Review

The Washoe County Building Department receives the initial plan packets at the start of the permit process. Projects which have water or sewer components will be sent to IVGID for review. If you are thinking about starting a project which involves water or sewer work the packets below contain information about requirements which may come up during your project.

Business License Sign-off

Appointments for a Washoe County Business License can be scheduled online or by calling the Compliance department at (775)832-1224.  The sign-off requirements vary depending on the type of business.

Discontinuance of Service

Discontinance of serivce can be completed throguh a demolition permit with Washoe County Building department.  The procedures for disconnection of service are outlined in the following application.