Notice to all Dog Owners/Handlers (March 26, 2021)

  • The following rules and regulations apply to all IVGID venues where dogs are allowed, in particular the temporary dog parks at the Village Green, dog-friendly FitTrail (year-round) and Ski Beach (seasonal). Non-compliance of the regulations below will result in restrictions up to and including park closures to owners and their dogs.
  • All dogs must be physically leashed upon entering and exiting the dog park.Electronic collars and voice control are not considered leashes (WC Code Chapter 55.100.2).
  • All dogs must be current on licensing and vaccinations.
  • Owners are responsible for keeping dogs out of the sensitive Stream Environmental Zones at ALL times.
  • Pet handlers are required by law to clean up after their dogs, and dispose of waste in the provided receptacles. Do not leave bags on the trail or the side of the road, even temporarily (WC Code Chapter 55.130).
  • Dogs are not allowed on Hermit, Incline or Burnt Cedar Beaches. (Exceptions include: ServiceAnimals trained to provide a specific task, work for a person with a disability NRS426.805, and registered Goose Patrol Dogs)
  • Dogs considered to be dangerous, a detriment or a nuisance to others will be required to vacate IVGID venues (WCCC 55.120).
  • Please monitor children at all times where dogs are allowed.