Wetlands Hunting Program

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the 2020/2021 hunting program is postponed.  We will be periodically updating the wetlands hunt program site if we have any changes.  We apologize for the inconvenience, but we must provide every effort to keep the staff and public safe and healthy.  Thank you for your understanding during this period of time. Staff will not be taking calls at this time regarding the hunting program.

The IVGID Wetlands Waterfowl Hunting Program resides on our 900 acre wetlands effluent disposal facility. The area is located at 3050 Vicky Avenue in Minden, Nevada. The program follows the Nevada Department of Wildlife regulations for the hunting of waterfowl. Hunting is observed on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The area is open for spot checks by the Department of Wildlife enforcement at any time. Registration for the season membership is held in July for the following season. A maximum of 70 memberships are accepted per season. The IVGID Recreation Pass holder is charged one-third the rate of a person that does not possess a Recreation ID. Full time, year round employees may hunt free of charge on a space available basis or may purchase a membership to obtain all membership rights to the program. The site is manned daily by a hunting supervisor to conduct the program. The District guarantees only the warm water area to be full or water at any time during the season, but will do its best to accommodate the hunters without putting itself at risk of not handling winter storage volumes. The program is operated through the IVGID Utility Department in conjunction with the IVGID Parks & Recreation Department  accepting and verifying memberships and collecting fees.