Get into Golf or Improve your Game

Golf can seem very complicated or frustrating to those just starting out or in a rut. The best way to start out or improve is to take a lesson or clinic with a certified PGA Pro. They have countless hours of playing and teaching that can help you start off on the right foot or see exactly what you need to tweak to improve your score. Visit the Golf Academy page to see what clinics and lessons we have available or to book a private lesson. 

Golf Tips & Drills  

Practice, practice, practice. The Incline Village Golf Professionals have provided a variety of golf tips, drills and exercises to help you work on your golf game. 

It is recommended that you consult your physician or other health care professional before beginning any fitness program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk.

Balance Drills ashley wood sets up with driver on the range with a rolled up towel under her feet

Ashley, who is six months pregnant in this video, talks about maintaining balance through the golf swing and the importance of finding the center of the clubface with your driver and irons. Watch the video...

On Course Strategy

Din talks through his strategy and offers tips for playing various holes at the Incline Village Golf Courses. 

Mental Prep

Having a pre-shot and post-shot routine is one of the best ways to get your mind in a place to find the consistency we all are striving for on the golf course. Read more...

Easing into the Golf Season

Neil provides some key tips and things you need to do at the start of the golf season in order to make it a successful year. Read more...

Hitting Draws & Fades

draw fade tip

Neil demonstrates the importance of the face and path relationship for hitting draws and fades. Watch the video. 

Pitching Rhythm

Many struggle when pitching to find the right rhythm they need to give the correct distance. Watch the video. 

Core & Balance Exercises

Three balance and core stabilization and activation exercises you can do at home to get you moving and prepare your body for golf season. Watch the video. 

Swing from the Ground

Improve your swing from the ground up. Practice this tip with an indoor hitting net during the off-season or at the driving range. Read more...

ashley bunker tip

Get out of the Bunker

Ashley Wood, Head Golf Professional at the Incline Village Mountain Golf Course, gives some tips on how to get out of the bunker and closer to the hole in this short video. Watch the video. 

Get out of the Rough

Ashley Wood, Head Golf Professional at the Incline Village Mountain Golf Course, gives some tips on how to hit out of the rough on the golf course in this short video. Watch the video.

How to hit a Bump and Run

Ashley Wood, Head Golf Professional at the Incline Village Mountain Golf Course, offers some tips on hitting a "bump and run" shot onto the green - essentially a low-angled chip shot that stays low and gets back onto the green quickly. This is a high-percentage shot that's easier to control than trying to pitch the ball all the way to the pin. Watch the video.

Uneven Lies

Make sure to set your body to the slope and make these adjustments for successful shots. Watch the video. 

Warming Up Before Your Round

These movements can help you warm up before your round, prevent injuries, and help with the longevity of your golf game Watch the video. 

Maximize Your Distance: Driver Setup

Neil Gunn, Teaching Professional at Incline Village Golf Courses, reviews a good setup for driver shots in this tip video. This high launch, low spin setup helps maximize our distance with the driver. Watch the video. 

Maximize Your Chances of Hitting a Hole in One

Neil shares his strategy on how he got his hole in one on #8. With this calculation, some practice, and a little bit of luck, you can maximize your odds of getting a hole in one and joining this special club. Watch the video tip on Instagram

Putting Stroke

putting grip

Every swing in golf requires a smooth acceleration through the ball. The putting stroke is no different. Read more...

Putting Practice (Part 1)

We all should be good putters. This is the fastest and easiest way to lower your scores, but it does take practice.  Read more...

Putting Practice (Part 2)

This second putting tip (see part 1 online) focuses on strategy and a few drills. These simple drills will help you hone in your putting skills and hopefully make it a fun way to practice. Read more...

Greenside Bunker Strategies

As golfers, we are almost always trying to hit the golf ball then the turf for the best possible contact during practice and play. But when we hit into a greenside bunker, suddenly we’re trying to not hit the ball at all? What gives?  Read more...

Pre-Shot Routine

preshot routine

Some will tell you that a good pre-shot routine involves selection of a club, checking the wind, etc. – and that is not wrong. However, what I define as a pre-shot routine takes place after making those other decisions and it is time to execute the shot. Read more...

Playing Par 3 Holes

On Par 3 holes, generally we have the toughest time getting par as a score, because we only have one full swing chance to hit the green. We have more chances on a par 4 or par 5 to make up for a bad tee shot. Read more...

Women & Golf 

Some women are intimidated to get into golf because they had a negative experience, think that they might get laughed at, stared at, etc. The reality is that golf is more welcoming to women now than ever. Here are a few ways you women can get started or more involved in golf this season at the Incline Village Golf Courses. Read more...


Early Season Strategies 

Always remember to stretch before taking those first swings. For those that are coming from the warmer climates it is especially important to stretch your muscles and loosen up on our cold mornings here in Tahoe. Read more...

Practice with Purpose

Whether it's pre-season, the heart of summer or late in the fall, there's always time to improve your game, and set yourself up for success this season and beyond. If you want to be a better golfer, you should start and end the season strong and continue working on your game in the offseason. Read more...

Setting Up Your Drive Correctly

Most golfers have heard the old adage: “Drive for show, putt for dough.” And while it’s certainly true that a lot of strokes can be lost on the putting green, we also realize that if we can’t put ourselves in an advantageous position with our tee shots, we won’t be getting many chances to make any dough with our putting. Read more...

Better Aiming from the Tee Box

You may drive the golf ball far but you also need to focus on your setup and aim or you’ll waste shots before you even get to the green. To do this you need to make sure you have the correct set up on the tee box. Read more...


Setup Your Chip Shots

One way to take strokes off your golf game is to improve your chipping. A chip shot is a shot near the green that pops into the air briefly before rolling towards the hole. The setup and stroke are both important for this shot. Read more...

Loosen Your Grip for More Distance


Tension in the hands and forearms is a big problem in the golf swing and it can rob you of distance. Many golfers start off with a soft grip when they’re at the address position but do not maintain this grip pressure throughout the swing. Read more...

Reduce 3 Putts

One way to lower your golf score is to work on putting. Those 3 putts can sneak up on you and ruin your game, if you let them. Focus on distance control. Distance control is more important than direction because most 3 putts are caused by hitting the ball too short or too long. Also, distance helps control direction. Read more...

Get More Power our of Your Swing


Every golfer wants more power and distance from their shots. What most beginners don’t know and what seasoned players forget over time, is that it’s all in the hips. When the hips are turned it creates torque in the lower body, kind of like a rubber band. The best way to open the hips and harvest this power is to not think about the hips at all.  The secret is in thinking about the shoulders. Read more...

Increase Flexibility for Your Swing 

In the golf swing, power is generated by the combination of range of motion and strength. Most golfers emphasize muscle strengthening but a stronger muscle will become a tighter muscle if an appropriate stretching program is not included. Here are some quick and easy exercises to loosen up these areas. Read more...

How to Play the 9th Hole at the Mountain Course with Lake Tahoe TV

PGA Pro Neil Gunn teaches Lake Tahoe TV's Mike Peron how to play the 9th hole at the Mountain Course.